Just diagnosed

If you've recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer, our 'Your Pathway' booklet is a great resource packed full of information about treatments, surgery options and patient stories


Just found and terrified!!!

Hi All, so I hoped like many I'd never have to put this, but just had a colonoscopy on Friday looking for colitis or similar....only to find a narrowing of the bowel and a 'abnormality' that he firmly believes is cancer. So its been biopsied and now its the horrendous wait for the results/treatment plan etc.

This was out of the blue, I've had IBS for year and its only in the last two months that I've felt a change in my bowel, hence the referral, but absolutely no other symptoms! I'm 34 and otherwise fit and healthy!

I've got a round of blood tests booked for Wednesday and a CT scan for Saturday next week.

So now, naturally I'm in full freak out mode, considering the worst, has it spread, will I die, can they even operate etc and desperately trying to stay away from googling anything.

Any advice etc would be very welcome!


Good morning @Wilkol, a very warm welcome to the forum although I am obviously so sorry to hear about your colonoscopy and possible diagnosis.

This is the very worse part, - you are dealing with the shock, the panic and the wait to find out what exactly is going on and what the treatment plan will be.

Please try not to google widely, - the information there is out of date and can be inaccurate. This site (publications), Macmillan and Cancer Research are the best and the most reliable.

You are probably best keeping busy and trying to do one day at a time to get through the next couple of weeks. Have you got support from family or friends? Take very good care and please stay in touch, Kim :x::x:


@Lirio345 thanks, yes I have lots of support, although sadly my family are the other side of the country from me, but my fiancé is being very supportive.

I'm trying to find positives where I can, like the dr confirming he didn't find it anywhere else in the bowel and that only three weeks ago I had a set of blood tests for organ function and they all came back clear!

Amanda Sandham

As Kim says, this really is the worst bit. The uncertainty and shock are crippling. Of course everything is so much worse at night when you can't sleep and your brain is making up as much doom as it can. Things will move very quickly and soon you will have the results of your tests and a plan of action.
I hope everything goes smoothly for you.
Sending love and hugs :x::x:


That is good @Wilkol (not about your family). You are doing the right thing as it is so easy to catastrophise at this stage. The key thing also is that BC is often curable or treatable. Take care, Kim :x::x:


Dear @Wilkol, I am so sorry that you find yourself in this position and at such a young age too. Everyone on here knows how this feels and you are in a safe place on here with people who understand. Please hang onto hope- there is a lot to hope for, truly. Bowel cancer is treatable and can be curable and many of us are really doing extremely well. The next period where the medics are gathering all the info is very hard to get through and mind goes into overdrive. Distract yourself as far as you possibly can and push away intrusive bad thoughts- don't let them in. It takes effort but it can be done and all the time, remember- treatable and many are cured so hang onto hope. Thinking of you, Cathxx


Hi @Wilkol

I was diagnosed in February. I’m 37 and my cancer was located in my rectum. I had an operation in April. Scans and histology showed no spread, so no further treatment (apart from a stoma reversal) just regular scans and monitoring.

The initial days are absolutely terrifying and you’re in the worse place right now waiting for results.

There are lots of positive and inspirational stories on here.

Jenny :x:


hi @Wilkol I am so sorry that you find yourself on here.I to found my way on here after my colonoscopy on 8/7 as I to was terrified & my imagination was running wild due to the waiting periods for results.
I found the support was second to none & I have been supported & guided through my journey by the great people on here as no one understands better what you are going through than those who have been through it before.
I am now cancer free but due to start mop up chemo tomorrow.
Take care


Hi @Wilkol, I’m so sorry you find yourself here at such a young age. As others have said waiting for the results is the worst. Once you have a plan in place things become easier. Lots of love :x::x::x:


Thank you everyone for your messages. After the initial colonoscopy, did anyone else get sudden pain in their hip? Feels like it's badly bruised but I can't remember hitting it and I was awake during my procedure. Any thoughts?


Hi @Wilkol, I do not know but I would imagine that it is something that happened during the colonoscopy that you were not aware of at the time. I had to keep moving from side to side for mine as had a very bendy bowel and I can see how something could have happened like that. I hope the hip pain soon subsides. Cathx


Good morning @Wilkol and another warm welcome to the forum from me!

I'm so sorry to hear of the predicament you find yourself in at such a young age and the horrible uncertainty of what may or may not lie ahead. Sometimes the very best you can do is just get through each day as best you can until the full picture emerges and you know what you're dealing with (or not! 🤞🤞) Seek the love and support of those close to you to help you through if you can and try to keep as distracted and busy as possible too. It's not easy though, I know. Keep in touch with us here as the forum is a lovely community of people who absolutely 'get it'.

Sending lots of love,

Karen 💛❤️💜💙💚


Hi @Wilkol and welcome! I just wanted to say that you have received some good advices already. The wait is the most difficult part, keep your mind busy, do things you like and avoid adding stress to your life, hopefully you won’t have much to wait :x::x:


Another warm welcome @Wilkol.
Sorry that you find yourself here. As said , you’ve had some great advice so I’m just sending my best wishes for your CT scan. You’ll soon have a plan and please remember bowel cancer is treatable.
Take care
Jane :x::x::x:


Hi all, thank you for the positive messages so far. I'm currently waiting on my CT Scan tomorrow and have been told I'll hear re results etc next Friday after the MDT meeting.

In the meantime, I couldn't face it so my other half called the oncology nurse for a chat, who confirmed that my growth is 3cm and the reason I got symptoms was it is growing out from the right hand corner of the colon, so I experienced symptoms quicker than I otherwise would have and that it's not causing an obstruction. We've also been reassured is an operable area.

Don't know any more yet but all parts are crossed etc


Hi @Wilkol all the very best for tomorrow lovely and thank goodness for ‘other halves’ in whatever shape or form they come in ❤️ You now have some days to enjoy doing whatever until your plan is in place. So, I hope you do something nice, the weekend is here and I do believe the weather is quite settled 👍👏🤞❤️ Take care lovely :x::x: