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Dropping in to say hi


Firstly, thanks to everyone who posts such supportive massages to one another in this community. Reading these threads is helping me too.

My wife was diagnosed with bowel cancer earlier this month following a routine health check up through her work. No symptoms, so quite a shock. Since then, we've been on the roller coaster that seems to be a common experience among this community - some good news (caught early) then bad (has already spread to liver), then better news (it's still curable). Our journey has been made much more bearable by the excellence and compassion of all the surgeons, doctors and nurses we've seen.

Anyway, upshot is that my wife starts 3 months of chemo in 2 weeks time. Both feeling positive, but I don't think we can really know or understand yet what's about to hit.


Hi @Steve66 and a warm welcome to the forum!

I'm sorry to learn of your lovely wife's diagnosis and can only imagine how this has already affected you both. I'm glad you've already found the support of the forum helpful and hope you continue to do so. Do you think she would like to join too since I'm sure she'll find us a friendly supportive and knowledgable community of people.

I'm guessing she is having chemo to shrink the tumours with a view to having surgery afterwards? I hope the chemo goes well and that she's feeling relatively ok and positive facing this? There's lots to feel hopeful about and the time leading up to chemo is a good time to prepare yourselves both physically and mentally for the road ahead. Ask away if you have any questions at all!

Sending you both lots of love,

Karen 💛💚💜💙❤️


Hi @Steve66, a very warm welcome to the forum from me as well although I am very sorry to hear about your wife’s diagnosis.

I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer over six’s years ago (stage 4 with spread to the liver) and I still remember the shock and disbelief. Gradually though things become clearer and easier to manage.

Please take care both and stay in touch, Kim :x::x:


Thank you Karen! Yes, you're right - chemo to get it under control, then surgery to remove the primary tumour, and it's still tbd about the liver - surgery or ablation. I think Lucy (my wife) has decided to leave the research to me - she doesn't want to read anything too scary! But she's being very well supported by friends, family and the CNSs. I've told her about this site and sent her the link.

Yes, important to stay positive and it's with good reason. She's ready as she can be.




Thank you Kim. You've summed it up! All the very best to you.

Steve :x::x:


Hi @Steve66, welcome to the future. I'm also the relative of a family member who has been recently diagnosed with bowel cancer and liver spread.

It's all very surreal at the beginning but a positive mindset is definitely very important. Its great that your wife's condition is still curable. I presume she'll be having folfox as her chemo regime?


Hi @Steve66, just along to wish your wife and you very well as she undertakes the chemo and hope that you will let us know how it goes for her. Cathx


Welcome @Steve66 :x:


Another welcome to the forum form me @Steve66

Goes without saying that I’m am sorry to hear of your wife’s diagnosis. Such a shock and takes time to process.
I also had spread to my liver ( plus a lot more). That was 4 years ago.
Treatments are available and always options.
I hope her treatment is kind to her. Lots of support and experience here.

Best Wishes
Jane :x::x::x:


Hi @Steve66 would just like to wish you & your wife well as I have just started my post op mop up chemo on Monday of this week.
Hope all goes well & we hope to see you both on the chemo express train.
Take care


Hi @Steve66 It really is a rollercoaster isn't it! I wanted to wish your wife all the best with the chemo. The first one is daunting of course, but she will be well looked after. Tell her to look around at everyone having chemo and ask herself do they look terrified or stressed? The chemo nurse said that to me and it really calmed me down. Do let us know how she is doing Px


Thank you for all your kind and thoughtful messages.