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Advise needed: +FIT, occasional blood and black specks, but negative colonoscopy and endoscopy

Hi all,

First of all I think it is remarkable how support everyone seems to be on these threads to each other.

I was just wondering if anyone can advise on next steps. I have had IBS for a few years but in Dec 2020 I received a +FIT after months of issues, and had a colonoscopy at the heigh of the pandemic. It was in this case negative, no significant issues found. To be on the safe side after seeing occasional blood and black specks in my stool they did an endoscopy which was also clear. However, even after a recent referral to a Gastroenterologist, they still can't give me a reason for the infrequent bleeding and specks. The other symptoms they put down the IBS (frequent change in bowel habits, bloating and stomach cramps). No haemorrhoids have been spotted in scopes.

As I am only 31 I understand the statistics, but the toll on my mental health is significant without a diagnosis. I have asked for capsule colonoscopy to a) review the small bowel (even if very rare) and b) check colonoscopy (there is a chance polyps can be missed. But this was rejected.

The issue now is I do not know when to press, when to be concerned as the symptoms above have not gone away. W/O a diagnosis I am just keeping a diary in the hope I can present this to a GP for another review. Wondering if anyone else has had anything similar?


Hi @csmith90, a very warm welcome to the forum although I am sorry to hear of your health issues.

It sounds to me as if you have had a pretty thorough checking over and I think it is hard to be in limbo about what exactly is causing some of your symptoms. Often diagnoses are reached by elimination and at the moment it is brilliant news that Bowel Cancer is not on the cards as a possible reason for your symptoms.

Others may be along with other suggestions but keeping a diary for eg 3 months and going back to the GP may well be the best way forward.

I am sure you are aware that stress is bad for bowels, so anything you can do to reduce this would be helpful. Health anxiety needs to be ruled out as well - this is a real and debilitating condition, so maybe further discussions with your GP may also be helpful.

I have moved your post by the way so that it is in a more appropriate topic area, take care, Kim :x::x:


Hi @csmith90
Welcome to the forum.
I am sorry that you have these ongoing concerns. As Kim has said, you should feel reassured that both the endoscopy and colonoscopy have been clear and bowel cancer eliminated.
A diary is a good way of monitoring and will be helpful to show your GP if needed.
Best Wishes
Jane :x::x:


Hi. I am very similar to you. I had a long period of loose stools as well as episodes of blood. My GP called me in immediately and found an anal fissure but the bowel changes persisted. I had bloods, Calprotectin and FIT, all fine. They then did a digital rectal exam and Colonoscopy in August and found nothing. I was lucky to recieve such thorough care and I acknowledge that. The other day, the toilet bowl resembled a crime scene after a difficult visit to the lav, but I have just put thay down to another fissure or a tbrombosed pile. They have thoroughly investigated both you and I and I think now is the time to make peace that you have nothing seriously wrong with you. I have huge health anxiety which I am dealing with well atm - do you have this too?


Sorry for the late reply.

Health anxiety with me is a big problem.

I think the main issue is the lack of diagnosis. I have recently had anther Calprotectin which shows a new positive result of 600 so have been re-referred (inc. a scan of the gallbladder). Not sure exactly what this means in the context of neg upper and lower endoscopy, but +FIT and +now Calprotectin.

I can only assume that is is either a missed cause from one of the endoscopies, or an issue with the small bowel (though understandably very rare).

Otherwise, I am quite fit and well (other than mild right side dull ache from time to time).

I think with you, the good news is that you have a diagnosis but I think you should def see the dr with new episodes. But I am sure you will be fine! Let me know if not!


Hi. I really dl understand the anxiety. If they have done and colonoscopy and endoscopy, and found nothing, then you have to accept that there is no pathology. Small bowel cancer is a remote possibility but it is very, very rare indeed in younger people. If your colonoscopy found no polyps either in large bowel, it reduces those chances further, from what I understand. Did the endoscopy only go as far as the stomach?


Yep. I’ve seen the stats, 3-6 M cases of SBC in my age group each year vs 150 normal bowed cancer (which is rare in itself). But the lack of diagnosis concerns me, esp with mild symptoms daily and unexplained fit and CPT levels .

Nothing I can do but wait. Which is the nightmare for an anxious person.

Have the piles settled down in your end? Surprised you fit was normal as that can raise due to piles.