Just diagnosed

If you've recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer, our 'Your Pathway' booklet is a great resource packed full of information about treatments, surgery options and patient stories


Penny Brohn Support for newly diagnosed and others.

I get a weekly bulletin emailed to me from Penny Brohn Cancer Charity. I've had loads of support from Penny Brohn including attending 5 residential courses/workshops at the national centre in Bristol. I just though some of this would be helpful for others in addition to the support from BCUK. It's worth registering for the weekly bulletins. All their courses and workshops etc are either completely free or have a small charge. They are currently offered via zoom since the pandemic. Worth a look in my opinion!



I can second the recommendation from Karen for Penny Brohn.
Absolutely fantastic place and the online classes and workshops have been superb during the pandemic. So much to offer.
Hope to get back there in person soon.

Jane :x::x::x:


Never been there but followed some of their online classes, they are brilliant!
Especially during the pandemic it was reassuring to see that something was available as most of the face to face support became unavailable, right at the end of my treatment, which was a bit difficult (as you don’t have that safety net anymore)
You can also follow them on Facebook and get notifications about their events :x::x:


ditto the recommendation. They are brilliant. Early on in my journey I had 3 telephone appointments with a doctor who helped me navigate all my decisions and questions to ask. And I have participated in some of their webinars too. Really good.


@Baxter2 thank you for this. I have heard good things about this organisation but have never made contact. Thinking a year post surgery might just be appropriate now. Love Sandra. :x:


Hi @bowelbehavingbadly, I’d highly recommend you take a look. They’re brilliant! I don’t access them as much as I did but will probably do so in the future. Good luck!

Lots of love,

Karen 💛❤️💚💜💙


I am going to settle with a coffee and watch through all the webinars later today, I really like when things are recorded and I can dip in and out.