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Third vaccine / booster

@Frances Styles good that Dave is getting booster. It’s not rolled out here yet. Has anyone else on here got it?


That's really interesting to hear your covid jag was delayed because of chemo @cyclingjohnny.

I was under the impression those of us on chemo were a priority. I had my first and second covid jags during chemo and had them just before my chemo date. My oncologist said that was best but having at any time was better than delaying it. I'm hoping to hear about the booster soon!

Lots of love

Karen 💚💙❤️💜💛


Yes I’ve had a 3rd dose of Pfizer vaccine a couple of weeks ago.
I got sent a link via text to book it online. Had 2nd vaccine in March so 6 months gap :x:


I got this, via text, last Friday:

“3rd COVID Vaccination update: You may be eligible for a 3rd dose (not a booster) but we are awaiting information about clinics to book into. The practice will contact you as soon as clinics are available. Please wait to be contacted by your surgery.”

Not sure if I’m getting the 3rd vaccination (rather than the booster) because of my lungs or not but will definitely ask.

Frances Styles

@mem, Dave's message reads, "your Physician has put you forward for a 3rd vaccination..., hope your recovery is progressing nicely, love Frances :x::x::x:


That’s interesting @Frances Styles. Will definitely ask why I’ve been put forward for it.
Recovery going ok thankyou 😘still wheel chair bound, unfortunately, but getting more used to it ☺️. Have my fingers crossed for you and Dave for today 🤞🏼🤞🏼. Here’s hoping for a Dr Optimistic this time! :x::x:

Frances Styles

Thanks @mem, appointment was 10.45, still waiting at 11.45, not good for Dave, the waiting. Take care love Frances :x::x::x:


I hope you’re not still waiting, @Frances Styles


@Frances Styles, so sorry you had such a long wait. I do hope it was a positive meeting. Sending lots of love :x::x::x:


I had mine two week ago. Very few side effects.


I had my booster yest they checked that it was at least 6 months since i had my 2nd vaccine :x::x:


Hi, I had my booster / 3rd dose (not really sure of the difference ) last Friday. It was Pfizer 6months after 2nd vaccine. I was ill all weekend with a high temp, nausea, headache, backache. I had the first 2 astra zenaca jabs on chemo and was fine. I had the flu jab on the Monday before last week so perhaps that wasn't a good idea, but the nurse said it doesn't make any difference. 🤔 :x::x:


Hi I’m due my booster on December 3rd six months after my Astra Zeneca, tbh I’m not looking forward to it, but needs must 🤷‍♀️


Originally had 2 AZ jabs with no effect, but a couple of weeks ago had my booster, Pfizer and the day after I was zonked! Slept for 24 hours, aching bones and muscles. Luckily, it was just a 24 hour thing for me. Seems quite a few people (with or without cancer) are affected in some way.


I had mine on Thursday and exactly same as @mick_meister , sleep and soreness. Also the injection site was really sore this time as well. First time that has happened.


@bowelbehavingbadly hello lovely, I’m due mine in the 3rd December and knowing a few peeps who’ve had there’s and felt crook, I’m a little apprehensive 😬 but will obviously drag my sorry butt down to the pod and have it done........ I’m just a baby at heart 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️😉 :x::x: how are you lovely? :x::x:


@Molly2me I had two AZ in spring and Pfizer earlier this month. I think the 3rd hit me a little harder (not sure because the first was ten days post surgery and the second during chemo; I didn’t feel great both times but don’t think the vaccine contributed that much), but it wasn’t too bad.


I had 1st and 2nd jab AZ during chemo then booster was Pheizer no real side effects just had a day where I felt meh. I then received a letter from NHS telling me that as I was classed as vulnerable having cancer to book in my 3rd jab which was not the same as the booster. However it stated if I had already had my booster then not to worry about having any further jabs and ignore the letter which I have. 😊


I had my booster a couple of weeks ago during my week off chemo. Didn’t feel it but had a sore arm for a couple of days but no other symptoms.

Ali :x::x: