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If you've recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer, our 'Your Pathway' booklet is a great resource packed full of information about treatments, surgery options and patient stories


New on here

I am new on here... as from today! I have bowel cancer, my third cancer in 10 years. I am waiting for a surgery date, and yesterday had tests at Marsden Fulham to check heart lungs BP and heart rate etc under pressure on exercise bike. Not easy as I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis .... but I managed it and although the results were not brilliant they were good enough for them to agree for surgery. However, they were very straight with me and said it is going to be a long and very hard rad til I am out the woods because of all my other conditions and I am wondering is there anyone on here who was also told that though surgery necessary it would be a long tough road? I am immune suppressed as been onsteroids 31 years, I am keen to have the surgery and need a permanent stoma as bowel very damaged from previous radiotherapy 5 years ago, I also cannot have radiotherapy again. Any thoughts/advice/encouragement greatly appreciated! God bless you all :x::x::x::x::x:


@NanaJoey, I'm so sorry you find yourself here especially given your history. It is probably best if you start a new post so you get more responses, as it may get missed here. In the meantime wishing you all the best. However, it's positive that they have agreed to surgery. :x::x::x:


Hi @NanaJoey and welcome! I have moved your comment into a new post so that people can see it better, welcome you and send you their advice and support.
Oh wow what a brave person you are, being diagnosed with cancer for a 3rd time in 10 years. And I can see it brings its own complications with the previous radiotherapy and permanent stoma. It must be really tough. Although it’s a forum you’d rather not join I’m glad you found it as it is very supportive, so I hope we can help you navigate your surgery and treatment. I see
You’re being following and treated at the Royal Marsden? Very good hospital, they’ll take very good care of you. Lots of love :x::x:


Hello @NanaJoey and a warm welcome to the forum! I'm sure you'll find lots of support, friendship, advice and shared experiences here!

I'm so sorry to read of your diagnosis and boy, I bet it's a real challenge to come to terms with a third cancer diagnosis in 10 years as well as your rheumatoid arthritis. My heart goes out to you. I would t be in a position to offer my thoughts or advice on your surgery but I'm fairly certain they wouldn't be offering it if the risks were too great. I guess in the meantime, getting yourself in as good health as possible both physically and mentally would be a good idea. Hopefully you'll hear from others who can perhaps offer more insight.

Sending lots of love,

Karen 💙💜💚❤️💛


Hi @NanaJoey, a very warm welcome from me as well although I am so sorry to read the details of your post. I agree that they wouldn’t offer surgery unless they were confident that it is the right pathway.

Please stay in touch and let us know how things go, Kim :x::x::x:


@NanaJoey I imagine you’ve already been down a hard road already with your history of previous cancers and yet I still get a sense of gutsy determination in your post regarding this latest blow. As stated by others surgery wouldn’t be recommended if it wasn’t felt the best option for you. I have a temporary stoma and managing it is nowhere near as difficult as I imagined. If possible try to be as active as you can bearing in mind your limitations and enjoy a protein high diet to prepare your body for surgery. We will be here when you have questions need a handhold or just need to rant. Lots of love. Sandra. :x::x:

Liz Blakelands

@NanaJoey Welcome to the forum. I can't imagine how hard it must be getting a 3rd diagnosis of cancer within 10 years. You are one very strong person. You will find lots of support and insider knowledge on this forum. I only had a temporary stoma but lots on here have permanent stomas and will be able to answer any questions you have.

Before you op you will meet with the stoma nurse, my stoma nurses were brilliant.

All the best. Liz :x::x:


Thank you so much for the advice and having moved my post - I am technically challenged!!
It is encouraging reading your posts, in response to mine, I agree they would not have said I could have the surgery if they did not think I could do it physically, though they have made it clear it wont be straightforward. I am keen to get the surgery over with - hope to get a date next week, though am a bit concerned about the recovery due to my immunosuppresant issues! But sure will be fine, even if it takes a while.... just want to be home by Christmas with my lovely family and grandson!
The Royal Marsden are amazing! I know I am very blessed to be under their care!
Thank yoiu all very much :x::x::x::x:


Hi @NanaJoey im also immunesuppresed ! After surgery they upped my Steriods a bit for a few weeks , I found my recovery surprisingly smooth free , much better than everyone had thought . ! I wonder if being on Steriods actually aided my recovery ?


Thank you Dawnramsayrae! Maybe they will up mine then, in which case I will be bouncing off the ceiling which is what usually happens when they increased due to a flare! I guess thinking about it they could aid recovery as they take down inflammation.... I hope so anyway! I am glad you had a smooth recovery!

Many thanks again for your response. :x::x::x::x: