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My hubby newly diagnosed

After 18 months of on and off symptoms my husband had his colonoscopy on Wednesday..they found a large growth in his sigmoid colon which covers the entire circumference..they couldn't complete the procedure because of the blockage...they are pretty sure it's cancer and we are now waiting for ct scan etc to establish where we are at..they have tattoed the location of the growth and warned us to be vigilant about symptoms of obstruction which has terrified me as this seems to be a symptom of advanced cancer..I'm trying to be brave but due to the size and coverage of this growth is it likely to be more advanced..I guess I am seeking some reassurance....

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Keeping everything crossed for you! Well done on completing your chemo. That's a challenge in itself!
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Just started by last cycle so I have a little to go... and then I hope I can get some energy back!!

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hi @ellenelliott93 I think you are looking too much into it, but nobody would blame you. It's completely normal. It may be that there was a cyst or something indeterminate and the team are ruling out.... It may also be that the biopsy wasn't conclusive for cancer so they want to check on a PET scan. Honestly it could be anything and it is impossible to know. YOu have two choices here. 1) you ring the nurse and ask for more information, ask for the blood and biopsy results to be sent to your GP etc etc or 2) you wait. It's hard but I find that although I want to know it all, I actually prefer getting the full story!

I agree with Louise... anyone here would be speculating really and best advice is to contact your hospital... but for sure they are doing it all for Tony's benefit and to have best and appropriate treatment... I know it is hard (from experience) but you simply need to be patient and know you are in good hands... the occasional call ... but I know that those of us with C they treat as priority so pls don't worry... he will for sure get what is best for him I am sure.


Thank you all for your support...we didn't hear today but at least we knew it was a possibility that Tony wouldn't hear so not unexpected..I agree though that as hard as it is to want to know more better to wait until the full picture is available..I'm very lucky in that we have two wonderful children who have been very supportive and positive..


A quick update...Tony has been called in to see the consultant tomorrow at 3.00pm...I feel relieved that we are going to know what we are dealing with but also feel rather panicked to hear where we are at...is it normal to have a face to face appointment or is this done for bad news only as some people seem to get phonecalls with the results..I feel quite sick to be honest...


All hospitals are doing different things and a mixture of phone calls and face to face. I don’t think anyone can really say either way. I completely understand how you are feeling today - It is so difficult waiting. Tomorrow will soon be here.
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hi @ellenelliott93 I totally agree with @Jane39 It's impossible to know... i had good news face to face and bad news face to face.... And I've had both over the phone too. Now there's a lot more face to face appts, and as your husband is a new patient, it doesn't suprirse me he's seeing you face to face. Most surgeons also like to get a good idea of the patient's fitness and general health, particularly when there is surgery along the line...I know it's hard but it's only 24 hours left. I think keep as busy as possible and stay hopeful! :x::x::x:


Hi Everybody..an update on Tony..we went to see the consultant today and the news is very positive....the PET scan showed no spread which is just amazing...we have one lymph node involvement but the tumour has not broken through the outer bowel wall so T3 N1 M0..she used the words very curable and treatable..she also recommends mop up chemo in the New Year for six months so we are feeling so much better that we have a plan..a couple of weeks wait for surgery which is going to to be robotic...although she is hoping she can get Tony in much earlier as she is concerned by the node which is large and by a possible blockage...thanking you all for keeping me sane these last few weeks...


@ellenelliott93 I'm so pleased you both know where you stand now. The what ifs drive you nothing short of insane. A clear PET is a real win and hopefully puts your hubby in a good head space to prepare for the op. Onwards and upwards! :x:


What a wonderful update to read tonight @ellenelliott93! It's all sounding very positive for a brilliant outcome! You'll both sleep easier tonight I'm sure!

Sending lots of love,

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@ellenelliott93, that’s brilliant news! Wishing Tony all the best for surgery and hopefully you’ll get a date very soon. Lots of love :x::x::x:


@Baxter2 @DFTP @Lucy118 Thank you..it looks like Tony could go in for surgery as early as next week so we feel very grateful..I just wanted to mention that they also told her Tony had a couple of nodules on his lung from the CT scan but the PET scan confirmed that these were nothing to worry about..the consultant said they would keep an eye on them but he wasn't worried..we didn't really take it in at the time as we were so escatic at hearing no spread but I have been worrying all night about it in case it's something to worry about...any reassurance would be most welcome...


@ellenelliott93, my understanding is that the PET scan would have shown it as being cancer if it was. They also would not have told you that there was no spread if they were at all concerned. They will also keep an eye on things. Please don’t worry. It’s great he’ll have surgery very soon. Lots of love :x::x::x:


This is good news @ellenelliott93 I’m also a T3N1M0 and had chemo before surgery.
I hope Tony gets more details and a date for the surgery soon 👍
They will always check everything and as often will discover little unusual areas in the body that are benign. It means they are doing a thorough job. The PET scan would have told them if it was cancerous :x::x:


Hi Everybody...well its been a whirlwind few days..Tony was admitted on Sunday and had his sigmoid colectomy yesterday..they did the majority via robotic but switched to open at the end to complete it.. the surgeon is very happy and said they got it all out..they removed alot of pus which they have today told Tony was the result of infected diverticulitis....they also think the diverticulitis was causing his tummy pain all these months so it begs the question that without the pain he may have never gone to the GP thinking it was something like diverticulitis so I believe him to be very lucky that they caught it at S3...I must admit leaving him at the hospital on Sunday was hard and I had a bit of a meltdown where all the stress and worry of the last few weeks hit me and reality dawned.it is real and it is happening...I did Google..silly I know..and have scared myself silly reading about S3 cancer but I've given myself a good talking to today..Tony is very bright but a bit sore but he had a good talk with the surgeon who was very upbeat and told him to concentrate on recovery and to go easy on his diet as he has eat like a horse today apparently...


@Huw McKee Honestly I'm so embarrassed that I don't even know how to use this forum properly..thank you for your kind words..Tony is now T3N1M0 and had surgery yesterday..he is doing well and the surgeon is happy he got all the cancer and affected nodes so I think his journey will hopefully be as positive as yours...

Huw McKee

Wow… same staging as me!!! And it has gone well for me… chemo has been really tough to clear lymph nodes…. But i have 2 weeks of 12 to go and will be so pleased to see Christmas. So glad to hear about Tony. I was opened up for major surgery… so i have a lovely Suez Canal on stomach!! I hope Tony had keyhole.

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Just seen your message of robotics! Wow! And great News on Tony. If no chemo then sounds like he is in great place…. And I am assuming no stoma…. Will take a few months to recover from op… i am still recovering but the chemo has made me weak for three months… but only a week of tablets to go! HURRAH!!!


@Huw McKee I know amazing isn't it...the PET scan showed one node affected for sure so he will have to have chemo but he was prepared for that..the surgeon said they noticed another enlarged node which they removed but looked benign but testing it to be sure..hopefully mop up chemo will be all that's needed...wishing you all the best for your remaining chemo...:x:

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Chemo has been tough… i had 4 cycles at 100% strength but am glad i have done it as an insurance/reassurance…. Hope it goes well for Tony. I thought when i saw N1 that chemo wld be advised for lymphs. I had like Tony only a couple of nodes affected… but best go for belt and braces for sure. H :x::x: