Moving on from bowel cancer

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Lady GT

Signed off from oncology .. at last!

So, here we are.
There was a time when this forum was my lifeline, I couldn't leave it alone. I logged on several times a day, seeking answers, looking for reassurance, gathering information and trying to support others going through the same thing at the time.
The advice and support I received, in so many forms, pulled me through a very dark time and I will be forever grateful for that. This is a truly supportive, informative place to be, whether you are the patient or the partner/carer of a bowel cancer patient..
I even became a moderator for a while.

I read through the posts now and recognize so much of what people are going through.
The diagnosis.
The fear.
The stress.
The sleeplessness.
The treatment plan.
The surgeries.
The chemotherapy.
The radiotherapy.
The fear of spread.
The cautiously good news, followed by the unexpected blow.
The hiccups.
The minor victories.
The seemingly endless slog of treatment.

And the constant, underlying need for answers.

The experience doesn't change ...

But what I also notice now is ... how many of the people I 'knew' back then, aren't here anymore.
And that's not necessarily because there was a bad outcome.
It's because, for many many people, bowel cancer becomes a thing of the past. We beat it, we move on. But we don't come back to the forum because we don't want to be reminded of that period of our lives.

For those that remember me, Mr T has just been officially signed off from oncology. He (and WE) are left with scars ,of course we are.
But we beat it and have our lives back.

I don't post this to brag, but I think it's very important for everybody to know that this CAN be beaten and IS beaten every day.
It's just that, those that are fortunate enough to come through the experience with a good outcome, don't post often enough.
To give others hope.

If anybody wants details, they are on my profile. You can see my messages of despair at the time. As a carer, I was where YOU are right now.

I am also guilty of leaving the forum behind because it no longer gave me something I needed.
But Mr T's recent all clear, made me think of you all.
So, dig in.
Get on with it.

There are more success stories out there than you know about!



Hi @Lady GT and lovely to hear that His Lordship is doing so well. I’ve just had an appointment for my 5 year follow up care in the post this morning so will hopefully be able to share a 5 year success story too :x:


What a lovely post @Lady GT , I am so happy for you :x::x::x::x: It is hard to remember people do beat it when you are in the middle of it all :x:

And good luck to you @Kareno62 I hope you get the same results.

Polly 1

Absolutely great to hear from you @Lady GT

So glad to hear your update :) :x::x:


So so great to hear from you @Lady GT !! Wonderful update and do pleased you popped back on to let everyone know ❤️


@Lady GT thank you for posting. Hope can never be underestimated. Love. Sandra :x::x::x:


Lovely and important update to read @Lady GT thank you :x:


What a fab post @Lady GT! I am so glad to hear Mr T is doing extremely well. Thankyou for sharing with us, love to you both ☺️:x::x:


What a lovely post @Lady GT. I am so pleased everything worked out well for Mr T. You are right that there are not enough positive stories as people move on, so thank you ever so much for posting :x::x::x:


Hi @Lady GT Ive just popped on here as I do from time to time, and I saw your post. How amazing for his Lordship snd aim so pleased fir you both. It’s lovely to hear from you and I’m so pleased I’ve seen your post. Love to you both Diane :x::x::x::x::x:


Kia Ora @Lady GT. I’m rarely ever here these days, but pop in occasionally to find out how people are fairing. I passed my 5-year diagnosis anniversary in August, and January should see me signed off after five years since my “curative” surgery. Just one CT to go, hopefully not derailed by Covid-19.

It’s great to see his Lordship going so well - we were on a very similar path. And so many other people who helped me too in those dark days, including @Baxter2, @mem, @Lirio345, @DianeS and many, many others.

Kia kaha from down under, e hoa ma


Oh @HappyAtom Its so good to hear from you!! Great to hear you’re still doing so well too! Long May you’re good health continue!

Loads of love,

Karen 💜💙💛❤️💚


So glad to hear you are doing really well @HappyAtom and congrats on your 5yr cancerversary 🎉! It’s really lovely to hear from you ☺️.
Love Marie :x::x:


Great post Lady GT and best wishes to you both.
With only my second scan due in January and the emotional impact on whether i do a stoma reversal or not, I fully appreciate already the impact it has on both the patient and equally the loving partner.
I hope you push the boat out now:)!!!


Well done @Lady GT and your hubby. Yes I am still here but we are tiptoeing away. Anne is clear after 8 bumpy years.


Hi @Hans so lovely to hear from you too, and fantastic news that Anne is clear after 8 years. :x::x::x::x::x:


Hi @HappyAtom so pleased you have reached the 5 year stage! I hope that January will bring you great news, and you are finally signed off. How fantastic. So lovely to hear from you :x::x::x::x::x:


@DianeS hi there. Anne's sorry and yours are very much the same. I am so glad you are walking away from Mr C as well. It's taken a big toll on Anne's confidence and the virus luck down hasn't helped. I have kept working through to help Anne by keeping everything the same. All my love
Time has gone by quickly

Ashford Al

Lovin your post Lady G T ,your right does give us hope to be where you are now ,move on lady and good luck in your life ,bless you 😁.


Thank you for your post and the posit news therein, it does give hope to those of us not knowing what the future holds. I wish you both the best for the future and hope you get to enjoy life.

Ali :x::x:


Hi @Hans thank you for your lovely message. I can totally understand how Ann feels, but so wonderful that you give her so much loving support. My scan is next Friday, fingers crossed it will be my last. Much love to you both Diane :x::x: