Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

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Ashford Al

How much Chemo .

Hello good people , do anyone know with mop up chemo what the criteria be for either 6 as opposed to 12 rounds of Folfox chemo ,am just about to start my 6th round of 12 ,take care ,Al.


Anyone with higher risk disease, so with higher risk features that make the cancer more likely to recur will be recommended six months of chemo. Things that make the cancer recurrence risk higher include a T4 tumour or N2 status. Six months will reduce your risk as much as the doctors are able to.


I had T4 N1M0, oncologist prescribed 8 cycles within 6 month. 3 weekly cycles of folfox week 1, and 5 FU injections weeks 2 and 3. 1st cycle had 100%, ended up with severe side effects, 2cycle Oxi reduced to 80% and blood platelets gone to 27, very low. So today had 65% of Oxi. Gutted really, thought will be able to go through all cycles at 75%, just hope that 65 is still effective.


Hi @Ashford Al If you google Scot trial you will find that there was a trial done that proved that 3 months chemotherapy is more or less as effective as 6 months. However there may be reasons/risks that your oncologist thinks you should have 6 months. Folfox can have lots of side effects so you have to weigh up the pros and cons according to how you are doing. I would just ask your oncologist what the reasons are for having 12 rounds.