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2 Year Milestone reached

Well, I've reached the key 2 year milestone after my main op which removed my single T3N1M0 cancerous tumour with an "All Clear" from a CT scan Wednesday before last.

I had never been all that anxious about the results from my previous tests before, be they scans, biopsies, blood tests etc.
But for some weird reason, this one got to me.
I could not stop thinking about the contrast dye injection, the CT scan itself and what the results might be, right from immediately after I got home from the scan until the afternoon of the previous Friday, when I could wait no more and called my CNS team's number. The lead CNS recognised my voice immediately and after the usual banter, told me there were no recurrent signs visible.

I followed through to the proper consultation last Wednesday to go through the full report as well as having an examination of my abdomen and had my weight taken as well.

Then, as my last colonoscopy (July 2013) found a polyp which although benign and was a small (2 mm) flathead and therefore I had expected the next colonoscopy to be in two years time, my hopes were dashed when I was told it would be this July 2014, just one year after!!! I am not at all keen on the moviprep and the clearing out process before hand! I'm not too bothered about the colonoscopy itself.

Funny. Some would be happier having more frequent scans and tests. I guess I'm just proving we've all got different perspectives on things!!!

I'm to remain on 6 monthly checkups/consultations. The next will follow up on my colonoscopy results then the next on my CT scan in a year's time.


Hello @MaryHB ! But of course I remember you!
We sat next to each other on the same row. Luckily for you, there weren't any free seats next to you later on that Patients' day! Ha, ha, ha! ;D
Thank you, just over 1 week until my scan.
Weather has turned today hasn't it?!!! It was sunny and warm not so very long ago! :o

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Good luck Dan-88. My partners op is on Saturday and we have had a pretty emotional weekend and the waiting days are just the pits. He had to go in for another blood transfusion yesterday having seen the anesthetist last Friday. I will report back next week. No mention of chemo or radio therapy yet but I think his surgeon is trying to soften the blows.


Thank you @Plumbago
Sorry I missed your post. I'm ashamed to say I don't come back onto this site very often as the tidal pull of the rat race has got me over a year ago now.
I do get flagged when someone tags me in their posts and that does prompt me :)
Did a quick catch up on your posts.
Pleased that your partner's had a successful op! Great news! And don't worry about the bag, It's something we can settle down with very soon. It's more of a perception and mental thing IMHO as it's a lot, lot less obvious to others when it's something we as patients are SOOOO acutely aware of! I used to be sure everyone in the room / train carriage / aircraft could hear my "personal bag of crisps" as I call them, as I was so acutely aware of the rustling sound the bag makes!!!
I see that he is now due the standard 6 months of Chemo.
At the offset, it does seem like a real cliff to climb.
A real elephant to eat!
Easier said than done.
But just approach it one-day at a time.
Learn to live in the "now".
One step at a time, Never worry about the next steps. Nor the next staircase.
Just plod on.
And when we have a lovely day when we are coping so well life is nearly normal?


Had to chase up for the results of my 4th year CT scan done on 1st March, to gain an email confirmation this morning that it's another "All Clear" !!!
Yipeee!!! B)

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Well done Dan-88. Had a major hickup 10 days ago as first w/end away and my partner decided he could drink beer as he used (probably will be able to in time) but a horrible adverse effect. Thankfully last week quite peaceful and this week the line is being put in for the chemo (upper chest) which he is dreading; is it that horrible?

El Ivan

Brilliant news @Dan-888 so pleased for you ?


Yahh @Dan-888 Fantastic news, so pleased for you :D:D
Mary :x::x::x::x:


That's FAB news @Dan-888!!! B)


YEY!! That's great @Dan-888!! :x::x::x:


Brilliant news @Dan-888!!! :) :x::x:


Fantastic news @Dan-888!

Bear G

Such good news @Dan-888 , so happy for you.
You've made my day!
Big hugs


Well done @Dan-888, fantastic news :x::x::x::x:


Brilliant news @Dan-888, lovely to hear someones positive news. Wonderful :x::x::x::x::x:


Great news @Dan-888 !:) :x:


Fab @Dan-888!! Really pleased for you ? :x::x:


Thank you @mem ~ all my heartfelt best to you,
and all reading this.
All the more power to your continued fight and recovery.