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Polly 1

Pain after lung ablation plus A&E and NHS app comments

Following his lung ablation in August C always had a pain under his rib. Various Doctors checked it and it didn't cause any breathing problems. A CT scan after 4 weeks showed a small pneumothorax which they said should resolve on its own.
Last Friday suddenly the pain got much worse and he couldn't breathe deeply without pain. He went to A&E via 111 at midnight where they did an :x: ray, CT scan, blood tests and an arterial blood gas test.  His sats were 98% and no temperature or cough. They said they couldn't see any blood clots or other problems
The scan still showed a small pneumothorax and some infection so he was sent home after 12 hours with a week's antibiotics and a few days of Codeine. He's still struggling with pain and breathlessness.


My son had 3 :x: Pneumothorax when he was a teenager. 2 were small and he had similar symptoms to your husband. They were just left and one went on it’s own but the other got worse and he ended up going back to ED where the air was reduced with a needle and syringe.
If he is getting more breathless I would go back to ED . Pain could be due to nerve/rib damage during the ablation which takes a long time to resolve. I’ve had a VATS procedure following heart surgery for pleural effusion in January and still have pain just under my right rib although it’s much easier now. :x:

Polly 1

Thank you @Nats53 his breathing is a bit better this morning so hope it continues :x:


Soot to read this @Polly 1, hope it resolves itself soon, Kim :x::x:


@Polly 1 I’ve had a couple of pneumothorax incidents following ablation treatment and was left for them to resolve a couple of weeks after the first one I had an :x:-ray and it had reduced so they didn’t do any intervening - though I was told I should go straight to A&E if I had any change in symptoms. I had a lot of pain the first time especially when breathing then not so much the second time. If in doubt go to A&E! They can always send you home again! Hope it resolves soon it’s really not very nice :x::x::x:


I agree with KathyS @Polly 1, there’s always A&E if C is struggling. Its good to hear C’s breathing is better today though and I hope the Anti-bots do the trick for the infection too 🤞🏼 :x::x:

Polly 1

Thanks @mem @kathyS @Lirio345 I'll keep an eye on him. It's been very painful but seems less today

Polly 1

We went to A&E in the early hours of Saturday morning when C had breathing problems. He rang 111 first who took all the details and told him to go to A&E 'within the hour' and to take a phone to call 999 in case he got worse on the way. Luckily we are only a 5 minute drive from our nearest A&E
When we got to A&E we thought that all the information we had given to 111 would be available to them on his NHS 'account' but no we had to go through it all again with the receptionist so I guess nothing links up. The reception was behind a sliding window and the lady took ages to open it and looked very annoyed to have been disturbed. We explained he was also on active chemotherapy but it didn't make any difference as we were told we just had to join the others in the waiting room.
We sat on the side as far away from others as we could manage. There were about 20 people most of whom were wearing masks but I noticed the ones that weren't were the younger ones who were slumped on the floor against the wall. As C was having breathing difficulties he was struggling with his mask but managed so it really annoyed me that they felt they were all above the hospital rules with poorly people about. 
After about 90 minutes we finally got into triage where the first thing they said was 'we have to isolate you to keep you safe'. After triage we were sent to a treatment room in the otherwise empty urgent care section to keep him isolated. After waiting another 2 hours and seeing the Dr he was taken to an A&E treatment bay so I had to leave as only patients can go in. The nurse who took him was told the bay 'needed to have a door not a curtain' again to keep him safe. I suppose they do their best but it just dosnt make sense to note the need to isolate after waiting with everyone else for so long.
I suppose we should have insisted on isolation earlier but we had tried during Covid lockdown last year at another A&E and it didn't happen and now there are no shielding rules we thought everyone must be being treated the same.
The other thing that I can never understand is that the Doctors in hospitals never know what medication he is on. We always have a copy of the repeat prescription with us which they eagerly grab off us as they have to input it into their system. Surely as soon as his medical record is accessed it should all be available? 
The hospital staff were brilliant but I am sure their life would be much easier if everything was linked up. I thought that had been done by the NHS this last Summer but obviously not yet at our local A&E.
We have NHS apps set up linked to the GP records which show prescribed tablets etc but there is nothing on there about what chemotherapy he is having. Also the only 'test results' shown are blood tests done by the GP not the fortnightly up to date tests done by the hospital for chemo. When C wanted magnesium prescribed on repeat as advised by the hospital chemo unit the GP at first wouldn't do it without doing their own blood test at the same time as the one being done for chemo. When C queried it they said they couldn't access the hospital test results- how daft is that??

He is feeling much better so far today so hopefully this continues

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Hi @Polly 1 just been reading your post about your trip to A&E and it sounded like it was a terrible experience, it's good that C got through it and good that he is feeling much better today, think a lot of people think that Chemo patients can waltz in to A&E and you are treated like a film star sadly It is not the case, I know what Blackpool Hospitals A&E is like with its abundance of drug addicts, alcoholics and knife related injuries from the drug trade and sadly if the separate rooms are full you end up in the same space as everyone else, wishing you well take care cheers John :x::x::x:

Polly 1

Hi @cyclingjohnny once we got through triage they did look after him very well but if they are going to do that afterwards surely there should have been something on his records to alert the annoyed receptionist that she should do something different with him?
When I had to leave him I asked the nurse who took him through into the locked door section if he was being kept in and would he need his 'hospital bag/medications' from the car? She said yes just give it to the receptionist to bring through. So I did - she wasn't happy and asked why he couldn't have taken it in himself....well I suppose it was 5am by then so she probably needed a nap


Oh @Polly 1 that’s awful. I’m glad he was looked after in the end but it should have been from the moment he gave his name. I was given a special card whilst on chemo so always got put in a separate room immediately. I do hope your hubby continues to feel better, lots of love :x::x::x:

Polly 1

Thanks @Lucy118 he does have a Sepsis emergency card do you mean this one?


@Polly 1, no it was a chemo card which had the emergency tel numbers on and I was told to show it if I had to go to A&E :x::x::x:

Polly 1

Thank you @Lucy118 we will try that next time :x::x::x: