Stage 4 bowel cancer

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Mixed Bag Scan Results

(Background - after surgery and Folfox July 20 - Feb 21 was NED, but scan early June showed recurrence. Turned down for HIPEC at Good Hope, started Xeliri early July to attempt to reduce tumours then reconsider surgery. In meantime, I started Jane McLelland protocol and have also been on CoC for about a month now.)

Just saw my oncologist for the results of my latest scan, and it's a mixed bag (because I can never be straightforward 🙄).

Good - my liver deposit has shrunk.

Bad - there are new little deposits in my pelvic area, so we're changing to Lonsurf to see if that will stabilise things. He says we can rechallenge with Xeliri later on if we need to.

My onc is also going to ask about clinical trials at the Christie and Marsden, and I asked him to look into Avastin too. I'm KRAS, so no immunotherapy options for me.

I'm a bit deflated, but it's still early days for the Jane McLelland and Care Oncology protocols I've been taking to have had an effect, so I'll keep going with those.

We also only have the scan in June and the one from a few weeks ago - for all we know, the growths could have been even bigger in between and have now started to shrink. The pain I had in my lower abdomen has certainly improved massively since starting Xeliri.

Next scan in 3 months will tell us more. Onward. 💜💪


Hello @Niks sorry about your news, hope that all goes well with the COC protocol and Jane Mclelland stuff too. Hugs :x:


My oncologist called me back today - he's ok for me to try Avastin, and is investigating costs for me now. He's also agreed to refer me to Jamie Murphy for consideration for his PIPAC trial. Happy to have more options underway! 💪


Hi @Niks,

So sorry you've got a bit of a mixed result from your latest scan. Hopefully Lonsurf and the COC and J McC protocol will produce more encouraging results for you. It sounds like your oncologist has your back and happy to recommend Avastin and refer onto Jamie Murphy. Lots of possible options ahead!

Please keep us posted if you can?

Lots of love,

Karen 💚💜💛❤️💙