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Ashford Al

Chemo on hold

Hello friends , chemotherapy check today and white platelets down to 82. So chemo paused they say for a week but ??,any one else Been down this road ?,


Hi @Ashford Al, really sorry to hear this, but sadly it is not that uncommon. You could have a look at some previous posts about this by using search button in top right hand corner (I searched β€˜platelets’), there maybe something to help there. Hope things settle soon, Kim :x:

Ashford Al

Thanks Kim I had searched chemo on hold ,and pausing Chemo with no luck but as you say searching platelets is the key seems like papaya fruit is the general consensus ,so thank you again for pointing me in the right direction πŸ˜πŸ‘


By white platelets do you mean neutrophils? I had to wait an extra week between treatment 2 an 3 as they were too low, and 6 weeks between 3 and 4. As it was adjuvant chemo we were about to give up altogether when they came up enough, the Oxaliplatin was reduced by 20% & I managed another 3 before they lust plummeted again. 7 in total, that was in 2019. I'm now 2 and a half years clear. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do (there are Filgrastim injections but they never helped me) except eat healthily and rest. Your MDT will probably look at reducing the dose if it continues. Good luck!


Hi, @Ashford Al. Really sorry to hear about your blood platelets. Mine dropped to 27 after 2nd infusion, so A week after that had to miss one 5 FU injection (I am on Folfox). And my Oxi was reduced to 65%. In one week my platelets went from 27 to 111. Hurray. I also understood it is quite common thing. Good luck!


It can be so very disappointing to have your chemo delayed by a week for this and other similar reasons @Ashford Al. I can remember having mine delayed way back in early 2016 and how upset it made me feel. I had low neutrophils and low platelets. My oncologist at that time, decided to stop my 5fu bolus injection indefinitely rather than offer the GCSF self administered injections to boost neutrophils.. It might be useful to ask about the possibility of having the injections if low neutrophils are a problem? Having a weeks delay shouldn't be a problem but I can understand how this makes you feel having experienced it too. ☹️

Fingers crossed this little blip won't repeat itself!

Lots of love,

Karen πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’œ