Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

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PT3N1c what does this mean ?

Hi my dad has been given this staging , could one of you lovely lot explain that to me :x: the dr was so positive after the op and said it’s very treatable etc but saw the cancer dr today to explain the treatment and said it’s stage 3, he’s starting iv chemo, 4 cycles and tablets inbetween :x::x:


Hi @lovelys, the BCUK and CRC leaflets linked below explain this in a helpful way

- P means staging is as a result of biopsies ie Pathology

- T3 means that the tumour in the Bowel has grown into the outer lining of the Bowel wall, but not right the way through

- N1c means that the lymph nodes that were removed did not have cancer, but cancer cells were found in the tissue around the tumour

So overall it is described as stage 3 BC. I hope that helps, Kim :x::x:


Thanks so much that’s very helpful :x::x::x: