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If you've recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer, our 'Your Pathway' booklet is a great resource packed full of information about treatments, surgery options and patient stories


Update on surgeon consultation

Well iv not been on here for a while as last Tuesday I got the dreaded news that it is cancer 😭( adenocarcinoma) I was told, they cant tell me what stage it is till they removed it, but they did say it hasn’t spread but there is inflammation next to it which they not sure what causing it or if that it cancerous, I’m waiting to hear from Christie’s as I need 6weeks radiotherapy to shrink the tumour, then surgery to remove it, and then chemotherapy, it’s honestly the worst news ever, I feel so much dread since the diagnosis, I can’t seem to function properly, my doctor has prescribed me diazepam, to stop me worrying so much, but I’m even scared to take them, please tell me it can get better, I just can’t seem to think positive at the min. :x::x:


Oh @KellyB I am sorry about your diagnosis but I am glad you found us! You will find lots of good advice and support here.

I had radiotherapy to shrink the tumour and it was very successful in my case. You haven't said, but I think I had a different operation to what you might be getting (I had APR).

It is very early days for you, and I remember that time well. I was walking around numb and disbelieving until things started to happen, and then I felt better because there was a plan. I hope that is the same for you. It is comforting having a team take care of your medical needs, upsetting as it is to think about right now, but I found it a blessing to be able to hand it over to them.

Bowel cancer is not a death sentence these days, and if you read here you will find many success cases. So far, I am one of them. I have been clear for two years, four months. But there are many people here who started at Stage 4 and have been able to live relatively normal lives for years longer than I would have ever imagined.

Try to spoil yourself a little - I know you won't feel like it. But do the things you like to do. Distract your mind so that you are not constantly thinking about it. For me, that was work, yeah, I'm a nerd, lol. I am a teacher, and BOY, those kids kept me way too busy to be thinking about me!! Lol! Later as I was recovering, I went back to an old hobby, knitting, and I am still doing that.

I hope you will be comforted and supported here, just like I was, and that you will feel more confident when starting this journey. :x::x::x:


Hi @KellyB, it absolutely will get better.

You are in genuine shock and need to be really kind to yourself whilst you process this horrible news. Your cancer has clearly been caught at a relatively early stage which massively increases your chances of getting rid of this for ever.

However your emotional and psychological health is really important as well. There are lots of things you can do - Macmillan have a help line and are offering six weeks free counselling in association with BUPA (you don’t have to be a member to benefit). Maybe have a look at Penny Brohn on line who offer a huge range of wonderful resources to help. I would also think that it would be good to contact your GP again in relation to the Diazepam.

There are so many people on here who really understand your feelings and have themselves (me included) asked for emotional support such as counselling and medication.

Please stay in touch and ask us anything at all. Take very good care, Kim :x::x:


Thankyou @Ninatoo im glad your treatment was successful, I wasn’t told what type of operation I would have but it is in the lower part of my sigmoid, so I’m not to sure what that type of operation it would need, they did tell me quite a lot during the consultation but to be honest nothing went in, other than the diagnosis. I will take on board your advice to try an keep my mind off things, Im in the middle of redecorating my living room an hall, so hopefully that can take my mind off it all for a while. Thank you again :x::x:


Thankyou @Lirio345 for your kind words I do hope it was caught early, it’s just the inflammation and the size of the tumour that’s throwing me at the minute as it is 50mm which iv been looking is quite large 😩, but I will definitely take your advice about counselling, my nurse gave me lots of booklets and info about Macmillan so will definitely have a read, thankyou again :x::x:


You are very welcome @KellyB. I just wanted to come back and say that there is no relationship between size of the tumour and how serious the disease may be. The Charity has got some brilliant publications (see top right hand corner) - better tbh than general googling (unless Macmillan or eg CRC). There is so much inaccurate, scary and out of date information on the web. Take care, Kim :x::x:


Hi @KellyB
I am sorry that you have had this diagnosis. It’s such a huge shock and I can resonate with how you are feeling right now. But, things do get better as you move onto your treatment plan. Kim has given you some fantastic advice and I cant really add any more.

Try and focus on the positive that there is no spread. As Kim says, size doesn’t mean its more serious. I really hope that as you start your radiotherapy you will slowly begin to feel like something is being done which in turn will really help how you are feeling.

Take care, Jane :x:


Hi @KellyB So sorry that you've had such a diagnosis but you're in the right place for advice and support.
I've just finished radiotherapy to shrink the tumour and start chemo on the 3rd. Mine is 5cm but the size isn't important.
Use your specialist nurse as many times as you need, mine is really helpful and lovely. I was offered counselling but don't feel I quite need it yet. I definitely will use it later if needed.
The waiting for treatment to start is difficult, just try to keep busy and it soon comes around. :x::x:


Thankyou @Dawn52, I’m just really struggling. can you tell me what side effects you had with radiotherapy? And iv just had my appointment through for Christie’s, will treatment start on my 1st visit? and what type of chemo is usually given, is it still threw a drip? I do have a lovely specialist nurse, but it takes a couple of days to get back to me, so sorry for so many questions :x::x:


Good morning @KellyB,

I'm so sorry you've had this news and of the horrible upset you're feeling. It is a big shock and it does take time to process this news. I can see you've already had some lovely comments and advice and I hope that over the coming days, things seem just that little bit easier. We're all right beside you in this.

Sending lots of love your way,

Karen 💛💙💚❤️💜


Hi @KellyB Ask as many questions as you need to.
First appointment was to talk through the radiotherapy and sign the paperwork. The next step is to have a ct planning scan where they will tattoo you 4 tiny measurement markers. I had my 1st treatment 2 weeks after that.
My treatment plan is short course of radiotherapy, 5 sessions, followed by 4 cycles of chemo (CAPOX, infusion and tablets) then surgery.
My last treatment was 5 days ago and only side effect so far is tiredness, although I am expecting the rest in the next week or so.
Still a lot of waiting around but you have a plan of action and try to focus on that. You can do this! :x::x:


Thankyou so much @Dawn52 at least I have an idea of what to expect :x::x:


Hello @KellyB your message reminded me so much of my first message. I too was fearful of what might happen and the diagnosis. I can assure you that treatments are hugely successful and you have come to the forum which will be a great support. I’m now five years clear of cancer I had chemo and radiotherapy which reduced the tumour by half then surgery.
I’m now 75 and all is good, so hold onto positive thoughts and use the forum for your support.
Best wishes. chas :x:


Thankyou @Chas im so glad that your treatment went well, it’s very reassuring reading yours and others experiences :x::x:


Hi @KellyB I'm sorry you got this diagnosis. It's a lot to take in but we can all tell you that it will get better, we've been through the same. You can look at the positives, that it hasn't spread and that you going to get a treatment that will, in the end, take it out. I always remind myself that we are fortunate to be able to receive such good treatment(s)! Radiotherapy before surgery is not unusual, this is to shrink the tumour and make the surgery less invasive. It can give really good results! Big hugs :x::x: