Stage 4 bowel cancer

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Peter Crowe

You think that things are going well then it all falls apart.

My history so far-:
Emergency Hartmans March 2019 pT3N1b (2/22) M0 at Weston-super-Mare General left with a stoma.
Transferred to RUH 3 months later as moved to Trowbridge.
Refused chemo when offered for various reasons.
October 2020 CT & MRI showed large growth on liver and chemo started 6 cycles of FOIFIRE & Cetuximab.
Liver resection January 2021 and scan identified a superior Pancreatic node and superior Rectal node.
The second 6 cycles of the same chemo started in March 2021.
July 2021 SABR radiation on Pancreatic node at BRI Bristol.
13th October CT Scan
15th October saw a Surgeon who wished to remove the rectum, anus & sphincter and all lymph nodes. I was quite happy with this as this seemed to possibly sort things out.
However, he did not have the CT results, when he had them I was requested to see him today.
The Pancreatic node has increased from 12 :x: 15 mm to 13 :x: 25mm so it would seem that the SABR treatment did not work.
My Spleen contains 2 new low-density objects suspicious of new mets.
The Superior Rectal node has increased to 16mm.

So no operation will be done at this time, back to chemo.

So I have an appointment with my Oncologist on Monday who I hope will have a cunning plan!!

Although I am not happy about the situation I accept it and look forward to further chemo to possibly resolve the situation.

It never rains but it pours!!!

All part of growing up.

Peter Crowe

@louise28 they gave me SABR treatment as they thought that an operation was not possible on that node but I will progress this now. I will try to find out why the SABR treatment has not worked. With 80 grays of radiation applied to the node, it should be as dead as a dodo.
I don't know if my onc is capable of forming a cunning plan?
We will see :x:


Be kind to yourself today, progress takes time .... something I have literally just read @Peter Crowe youโ€™ve been through it and I love your โ€˜cunning planโ€™ theory. Have you asked why the radiation hasnโ€™t killed that little blighter dead?! Take care :x::x:


Really sorry to hear this @Peter Crowe and hope they come up with a good plan. It might be worth asking about pancreatic node treatment on S4 FB group so that you can go into your appointment armed with lots of questions. Take care, Kim :x::x:


that's tough going @Peter Crowe Did you have a PET scan or just CT? I was told by my SABR radiologist that it can work over many months and years and it is quite hard to tlel what is going on with the inflammation etc... I would push as much as possible for surgery if feasible, best of luck :x::x::x:


Im so sorry to read this @Peter Crowe. I guess the positive is that you have chemo still being effective so know if you get your head down and crack on with may well be around the corner! Good luck with your consultation with Oncologist on Monday and I'll look forward to hearing what the 'cunning plan' will be!

Sending lots of love,

Karen ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’›โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’š

Peter Crowe

Talked to the Radiologist at the BRI this morning and he agreed that it was too soon to say that the SABR has not worked and it should not stop the planned operation.

Had a consultation with my Onc later this morning and convinced him that the MDT was wrong to stop the operation and it should be relooked at., he was not at the meeting.
He is resubmitting it to the MDT hoping for this Thursday but probably next week.

So the waiting goes on!
Good luck to you all :x::x:

Kim Dazed but Plucky

Peter, I know little of your trials and tribulations, but I can guess they have been considerable. But I do see you "working" your case with the key people in the MDT, and now you are waiting on the outcomes there. And that's a good good thing. Getting to a positive treatment step. I do hope you get some positive news back, and I hope you aren't waiting too long. I send you my support and hope for good things. Kim :x:


Hi @Peter Crowe

I am pleased that you have been able to talk to the radiologist.
Itโ€™s great that you are your own advocate and have your case being reviewed again at the MDT.
I wish you all the best for a positive outcome.

Jane :x:


hi @Peter Crowe that is great news, i think you are right! I am so glad you'll hopefully get the op :x::x:


Great result from speaking up @Peter Crowe! Isn't it great to feel that you have a good partnership with your oncologist to be able to achieve the best outcome for yourself?

I'll look forward to hearing how things go at the MDT! Keep us posted!

Lots of love,

Karen ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’›โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™

Peter Crowe

I had a phone call from my Onc yesterday evening, he had managed to get me presented at the MDT that afternoon.
It has been agreed that I should wait until the 2nd week of December(3 months from SABR) then have a PET scan.
If the node treated with SABR has stopped glowing and no other mets show up then I will be considered for surgery on the Rectal node.
Fingers crossed for a "Ken Bum".
Take care all, you great people.


This is great news @Peter Crowe , fingers crossed the PET scan shows nothing new and you get the op.:x::x:


@Peter Crowe
I'm pleased you have a plan and hope the PET is a positive result for you.
Jane :x:


Hi @Peter Crowe I know the wakt will be hard but it really sounds like you're team are on it :x::x::x::x:


Fingers and toes crossed for you @Peter Crowe, take care, Kim :x::x:


Hi @Peter Crowe your team sound great and the Pet scan isnโ€™t too far away either, ๐Ÿคž crossed for you for good results :x::x:


@Peter Crowe sorry to hear this! I always say when I see the oncologist I get a shit sandwich - good news squashed with not so good! I was all ready for my liver op then the MRI showed more mets on the liver. More chemo which had a mixed response but they operated ๐Ÿ‘ Hoping that if you go back on chemo it blasts those sods ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž

Peter Crowe

@clarey Let's hope that that fixed it and you are on the way to NED. Good luck.