Stage 4 bowel cancer

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Help and experiences with Peritoneal metastasis- HIPEC and PIPAC treatments please

My 52 year old husband has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 bower cancer - he has widespread mets on his peritoneum (PCI too high for HIPEC according to oncologist) and one small grape sized lump in his abdominal wall. Incurable but can be treated with chemotherapy and possibly another targeted drug…just waiting to hear whether that is possible - 50/50 chance. We have contacted Jamie Murphy and are looking for other specialist recommendations as it’s possible surgery will be possible in the future, after some successful treatment. Oncologist thinks this is very unlikely though. I have also read about PIPAC but I can’t find any up to date status on the clinical trial. Would love to hear from others who are fighting or have fought similar. Not very much encouraging info online, however I have read some inspiring stories on here 😀


Good evening @Cheggers and a warm welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll find this a friendly and supportive community.

I'm so sorry to read about your husbands diagnosis and at such a young age. I can remember all too well trawling the Internet when I received the diagnosis of peritoneal mets and a solitary large liver met. I was told I was incurable and inoperable in Jan 2016 and told I wasn't expected to live beyond that year and may only have 6-9 months depending on how effective chemo was. I won't go on as it's all in my profile (grab a cuppa if you're going to read as it's a little wordy! 😂) I also need to update it actually!

Anyway, Folfiri and Cetuximab cycle no 121 or 122 done today ✅. I had a liver resection jan 2017 and Complete Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC done March 2017 both at Basingstoke. I live a near normal life on continuous chemo and last scan was also NED. I'm grateful for every day! . I hope my story gives hope to you both and please do fire away any questions if I can be of any help! You may like to consider Joining our 'Living with stage 4 Bowel cancer U.K.' private Fb group as there are a good few on there who've had this surgery too who will be happy to share their experiences I know.

Sending you both lots of love,

Karen 💙💚💛❤️💜


Hi Karen! Thank you - I did read your profile and it’s wonderful to hear that you are doing so well. Long may it continue💫💜💜