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Nick Rimmer

Surveillance Checks


Has anyone else experienced any delays in their follow-up checks? I've had all mine on time so far, including CT scans and blood tests.
That said I'm now overdue for a colonoscopy by 11 months and I should be getting a CT beginning December, followed by a telephone appointment with the colorectal nurses which will include blood tests.
I've not had any letters confirming any appointments and we are only a few weeks away from December :(

I'm also due a test from the Bowel Screening service, the last time it arrived pretty quickly after my Birthday, it's been over two weeks now. (I'm in Scotland).
I know there is a tremendous amount of pressure on these services at the moment, but I'm interested to find out if anyone else has had problems.

I'm thinking of phoning the colorectal team this week and find out what is happening. it's kind of adding to the anxious time we all have around these checks.



Hello @Nick Rimmer my 4 year follow up CT was 8 months later than anticipated (last December in the midst of the pandemic) but the blood tests happened at the right time (I guess if they had showed a problem the scan would have been done sooner)

I think it's definitely worth chasing up your colorectal team to see what they say, they might be able to reassure you even if there is a bit of a delay.
Best wishes for your follow-up :x:


Hi @Nick Rimmer my Ct scan was due in July, haven’t had an appointment through as yet :( P :x:


@Nick Rimmer, I’ve just had my 2 year CT scan on time and I had my colonoscopy on time too. Our hospital has got a mobile CT unit though to help with the backlog so I’m sure that has helped. A year ago everything was delayed but all my follow ups seem to be back on track. I think it’s a bit of a post code lottery though. Definitely worth chasing your colorectal nurse though @Nick Rimmer and @Poppies :x::x::x:


Hi nick
Lisa was just behind you with her op. Bloods done at 6 and 12 ok. Colonoscopy was late that was 15 months and 18 months bloods are still due. They are a month plus late


Oh ct was also done at 12 on time


Hi @Nick Rimmer - my annual surveillance CT appointment just came through (after I chased up the colorectal nurse team) but I'm still waiting for my annual colonoscopy appointment.