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3rd covid jag in Scotland

I have just been for what I thought would be a covid booster and flu jag. The flu jag was on my letter, but I got it.
More concerning is that the letter should have said that I was immunocompromised. It didn't!!
Luckily I said that I was on chemo so I got a full dose of the vaccine, rather than the ½ dose booster. I will be called for a booster in the future.
This is what's happening in Scotland, so do check what you should have.


I'm in Scotland too @Rainbo.

I was invited for a covid booster and flu jag but had already paid to have flu done at a pharmacy in Sept so just needed the covid one. I honestly have no idea what I was given since I was too busy blethering with the nurse as we'd both worked together as midwives 35 years ago!! I'm immunosuppressed too as on continuous chemo.

Interestingly, when I downloaded my digital vaccine passport, it doesn't even list the booster, just the first and second doses. I've now got a paper copy too and no mention of a third dose. I enquired and apparently they're not listing the booster/third dose! Confused?I know I am!

Anyway, wishing you well and lots of love,

Karen 💚💛💜💙❤️


Disorganised chaos springs to mind @Baxter2. The NHS has done me proud all my life, but the administration side and IT leave a lot to be desired.
Maybe they're not listing the 3rd one because countries and venues only ask for proof of 2? The way things are going, it would be useful to have a list of what we've had 🤷🏼‍♀️