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The Blue RSM

Bowel still struggling

Hi all, I had my surgery 6 months ago, didn’t need a stoma, which I was pleased about. However, 6 months on and my bowel movements are erratic to say the least, I’ve even been caught short whilst out walk our dog and at the weekend I found it difficult to control my bladder after completing a run.
Interested to know if I should be concerned and if anybody else has /is experiencing the same. At first it didn’t really bother me but now it plays on my mind every time I go out.

Liz Blakelands

@The Blue RSM Sorry I can't remember what sort of op you had but I had lower anterior resection (most of rectum removed and temporary ileostomy ) and 6 months after reversal it was still pretty erratic. I found, and still find life is simpler if I don't eat for about an hour before I go out and if I was out on a long walk, I will have a drink but won't eat while I am out. Most times I would be fine but unless I know there are good toilet facilities nearby whatever I am going to eat isn't worth the stress.

I'm nearly 3 years on from reversal and every time I look back over 6 months things are more settled.

If you have an erratic episode think about what you ate before, is it a particular type of food which is causing the problem?

Hope things settle down soon
Liz :x::x:

The Blue RSM

Hi @Liz Blakelands, thank you, I’ll monitor more closely what I eat to try and get an idea if there are particular foods that have a greater impact.
As for my particular operation, my tumour was located in my sigmoid just above the rectum.
I guess I’ll need to add patience to the list of things I’ve had to learn to deal with.


Hi @The Blue RSM i had sigmoid removed and part of rectum. Overtime the erratic episodes became less and less as I started to understand, food wise, what can trigger them.
Perhaps check also with your consultant if they have any advice, especially about bladder control which seems a bit unusual?
Lots of love :x::x:


@The Blue RSM, it should improve and I have had the same with bladder control a couple of times. It is worth mentioning it to your cn but it sounds normal to me and will improve over time. Pelvic floor exercises should help too :x::x::x:


Hi @The Blue RSM - I had a similar operation to you and my tumour was also in the sigmoid colon. I am now nearly 12 months on from surgery and I have to say I still have similar issues to you. Don't worry about it too much but try and keep a food diary. I have found that eating 'healthy' (i.e. mostly vegan) does not really help. Fermentable food in particular upsets my tummy. Bladder control I've not had such a big issue with but I am a caffeine addict and I'm used to going for a number 1 every 90 minutes or so..!