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Holiday Insurance from All Clear Travel

Hi all, I posted recently about Insured With not being able to provide new policies at the current time. Just wanted to say thanks @Kareno62 I had a look at the Macmillan thread you recommended. I got a quote from All Clear, they gave around 15 different options, from them or other companies. Prices started at £50 for a single trip beyond Europe and £90 for an annual policy.

Obviously the quote is specific to my diagnosis, surgery, treatment etc but I thought I’d share. Also don’t be put off by the name if you are currently undergoing treatment or awaiting surgery. They ask lots of questions, including has the cancer been removed, which implies it’s not just for “all clear” patients.

Fingers crossed I’ll be travelling to Cape Verde in the new year unless the latest Covid variant scuppers my plans again! This is a long awaited rest after a turbulent 18 months!

Love to you all :x::x:


Thanks for sharing this information.
I’m pleased to hear that you have got insurance at a reasonable price too.
Hope your trip can go ahead.
I hear Cape Verde is beautiful.
Take care, Jane :x::x::x:


Good to hear that you’ve got sorted @Jannine - I think I used All Clear when I went to Italy after just finishing chemo and it was about £20 for a week (pre COVID!) Hope you have a well deserved break in Cape Verde :x:


I have recently got a quote from them having tried many others. Sadly it has still set me back £1,200 but I am on active treatment (radio) and awaiting surgery. That’s to cover a 2 week trip to the Bahamas :x::x::x:


That’s good. I’ve just bought a single trip from AllClear for £64 for 10 days in Europe. I’m much older than you, but I didn’t find them particularly cheap. I’m 5,5 years clear, but my last policy before COVID when I was under 3 years clear was £25! Both times covering a couple of other smallish things.
Enjoy Cape Verde!


I’m currently looking for travel insurance for our cruise in June hubby just clear from bowel cancer would you recommend all clear insurance after seeing this post I have done a quote just want to see what people think of them


Hi @Carronm
I’ve been doing lots of insurance quote research this last week .
All Clear was x4 the price of Insurancewith who I’ve always used and seem to be the best in my experience.
I do have a complicated history however.

Enjoy your holiday 😊


Thanks I just got a quote and it was almost half the price thanks for the advice
Can’t wait now


Have a wonderful holiday :x::x:


@KarenR I think you were looking for travel insurance advice?

Quote from @Freya84:
@KarenR I think you were looking for travel insurance advice?

Thanks @Freya84 :)


I totally understand you need to supply medical info of course but some quotes seem extremely unfair and people living with cancer or free from cancer are often given totally unreasonable quotes
A friend of mine been free of cancer over 30 years yet her quote so expensive- why?