Moving on from bowel cancer

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I been cancer free for 5 years and apart from anxiety been ok
However I’ve just had a blood test and my CEA is normal but my 19.9 is raised I know no one but the doctors can diagnose but I wondered if anyone else had had a raised 19.9 and it turned out to be nothing
I’m sadly having a panic attack
Thank you so much


Hi @Marnie, I hope people who have the CA 19.9 can reassure you. My immediate feeling is that if your CEA is normal, I wouldn't worry about a raised 19.9.
Usually when we look at CEA, we would start worrying when we see a continuous trend upwards. So I assume it would be the same with the other blood test.
A raised CA 19.9 level can also be an indication of something that is not related to cancer.
Did the doctors say anything? Do you have another blood test planned for in a couple months?
Take care :x::x:


My dr is going to retest in two weeks and then refer to my colorectal team if necessary
My CEA is 1.8
Thank you for replying