Stage 4 bowel cancer

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Ive not been on here for a while. Ive been busy preparing for another Christmas that I didn't think Id see. I hope you all managed to enjoy Christmas.

I had a recent scan which showed narrowing of my bowel causing a partial blockage. A stent isn't
suitable so it is going to be a stoma - non reversible. I am just wondering if any one has advice for stomas and the op
Thank you :x::x:

foster mum

@clarey , had mine over 3 years and is permanent. I get on with it fine and do whatever I want, including long haul flights, cruises, bowling and swimming . It took a couple of weeks to settle in with, but I look at it this way…. I didn’t have an option, I don’t have a choice to reverse it, BUT I DO have a life….. if you want any info , please don’t hesitate to pm me. Good luck :x::x: Vivien


@foster mum Thank you that is so good to hear. I enjoy swimming and yoga and wondered if it would be difficult with these activities. :x:

Forum user

My brother had one and my overall impression is that it took some getting used to, but once it was working it was fine. He had the option of reversing it and declined. Bizarrely a stoma allows you more freedom if you like travelling in a camper van (for example) because you don't need a sit down toilet. One of the upsides to a stoma.


Hi @clarey . I have had mine two and a half years and I am happy to say that it has caused me no trouble at all, except that I have developed a large perineal hernia behind it. As it causes me no bother except for a bulge they won't fix it, and that's fine with me because I din't want them messing with my well-behaved 'Rosebud'.

Good luck with your operation!

Peter Crowe

I have had mine since March 2019 and the only problem that I have is the occasional bag detachment but it is not a major problem.
The very best of luck with your operation and be POSITIVE as you are moving forward.


Hi @clarey,

I'm sorry you're having this challenge now. It must be a daunting thought I'm sure. (I don't have experience of a stoma) However, It sounds like you've had lovely reassuring advice and shared experiences above. How did your holiday to Madeira go?

Sending you lots of love and best best wishes for successful surgery,

Karen 🌺🌻💐🌷🌸


@Baxter2 I ended up not having one! If it wasn't for one surgeon on the ward who said he wanted to try a stent first. My narrowing of the bowel was not narrow enough to hold a stent, hence no reason to have a stoma! If it wasn't for that one surgeon Id have a stoma now that I didn't need!

I have a lovely holiday thank you ❤️ :x::x:

Peter Crowe

I have had a stoma since March 2019 when I had an emergency Hartmans.
It can be difficult to get used to and you need to be careful not to lift heavy objects or you can develop a parastomal hernia (they did not warn me so I have one).
You need to try different types of bags until you find one that suits you.
You have the option of open or closed style, I prefer the closed type so you change it each time rather than drain and reseal each time.
As you are having a planned operation then you can choose the site of the stoma within reason, I did not have that choice and have it right where I would normally wear a belt so it is braces for me.
I wish you the very best of luck with the operation and that you quickly adapt to the stoma.