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Problems getting surveillance scans

Is anyone else having problems getting surveillance scans done. I am overdue my CT scan now. I am 3 & a half years from diagnosis and had my last scan in December 2020. I was told my next one would be December 2021 but despite calls and letters nothing from the hospital


Hi @Nic26 My scan was due end of July beginning of August, I didn't get it until November and still haven't had the results. Px


Hi @Nic26 Raise your concern with the PALS team and have them obtain a reply. MacMillan have clinical nurses you can speak with and there is always just copying you MP into the email too.

Good luck :x:


Hi @Nic26 my surveillance scan at 18 months post surgery was due in September 2021 and I had it on 16th December, still waiting on the results. I think it’s fair to say that Covid is still having an impact on routine surveillance. I hope it puts your mind at rest that you’re not alone in this, doesn’t help the “scanxiety” though does it? Good luck and hope you get a date soon :x: