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Soo B

Scan results this week feeling nervous

Hi everyone not posted for awhile , but do always look for news from members as I find it helpful .
It’s been just over 2 years since my op , and to be fair it’s been ok . My second scan was due in July , but it was September before it was done . The good news was my colonoscopy was clear , which was fantastic ! And I felt very positive for the future .
But in December I began having abdominal pain , which made me feel anxious , so as I’d not received the results of my scan I rang the clinic and they told as my consultant requested the scan would have to wait for him to contact me .
Now at the end of the year and my pain is not good , feeling it in my back now to .
I finally got a letter saying a member of my consultants team would be calling me this Friday 7th
Hoping for good news , but if it is then where is the pain coming from ?
Not sure what questions I would ask ?


Oh @Soo B the wait and anxiety about scan results is very real isn't it? I guess having the pain may have raised your anxiety levels and that's understandable. I think you've maybe answered your own question in your last paragraph and I think that's perhaps a good question to ask your consultant?

Like you, I hope for good news and hopefully you'll let us know how things go?

Sending lots of love and warmest wishes,

Karen 🌷🌸🌼🌻💐


Keeping everything crossed for you @Soo B. The wait is the worst. Not long to wait now and so hoping for good news. Sending lots of love :x::x::x:


Fingers :x: soo b it’s so tough at times


@Soo B
It’s horrible waiting for the results. I really hope that you receive good news on Friday.
Take care, Jane :x: