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Mark McC

Getting out and about

I had my ileostomy reversal late November 2021 and ad it’s early days I’m still erratic in the motions department.

I’m a bit of a golfer and am hoping to get back to it later in the year, but that involves being out and about for 6 hours or so. I’m also hitting the big six oh later this year and had been planning a big old family holiday (Rona permitting) involving a long haul flight.

Any experiences or advise on either of these kind of situations ?


Hi @Mark McC
I haven’t had an ileostomy / reversal but did have all my large bowel removed so comes with similar challenges.
It is very early days in your recovery. It took a time to understand my triggers and ways to manage. Keeping a food diary can help. Using loperamide at various time and various doses is trial and error. Also planning ahead if I have a busy day coming up. I adjust my food intake on the previous days - eat earlier rather than in the evening.
I am sure others will be along to share their experience.

Saying all that I am sure that you will be out of the golf course soon and will have a wonderful holiday and the flight will be manageable.
Take care,
Jane :x:


@Mark McC I haven’t had the ileostomy either but know that bowels can take a while to get back to some sort of normal. As Jane has said, the loperamide works well especially to reduce wind and diarrhoea but you may find you don’t need this. Hope you enjoy your 60th and all the best for the future.

Ali :x::x:

Liz Blakelands

@Mark McC Hi I had an ileostomy reversal 3 years ago. You are still in the early days but I bet if you think back to a month ago things have improved a lot since then. And this will continue for a long time. The thing is to notice what happens when you eat at certain times and foods. Until I noticed what it was doing I used to sometimes have a snack before I went out, sometimes I was fine, but 1 time out of 3 I would be desperate to find a toilet within 1 hour.

I had most of my rectum removed, about 3 cm left and I have discovered that flying is not a problem as long as I don't eat on the flight (including flight from Thailand) and I don't eat anything until I get home or to hotel. This is because I get the most terrible urgency and diarrhoea with the first thing I eat after a flight. I don't think this is common but just be cautious on your first flight.

Enjoy your golf and have a wonderful holiday.

Liz :x::x:

Mark McC

Thank @Liz Blakelands I’m keeping a food and poo diary so am starting to get a feel from that what trigger foods are. Find myself planning what to eat ahead of a trip out and eating less while out, so it’s progress. As you say it’s a sight better than a month ago. Thanks for the advise, much appreciated.