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Soo B

Gutted my appointment was cancelled last minute !!

Hi everyone just an update on my phone appointment scheduled for Friday 7th at 11.30 .
Felt anxious by 12.30 as not received the call .
By 2.30 still no call , so rang the Clinic , and the nurse said looked like it had been cancelled and moved to another date .But I would have to ring my consultants secretary for an update on when it would be .
Tried several times during the next couple of hours , no voicemail and no one answered 😡
I was very upset & annoyed, planned to call her again on Monday asap .
Saturday morning a letter from the hospital telling me my telephone appointment had been rescheduled for Friday 4th February, the letter was dated 30th December! Took 8 days to get to me .
I know the health service is over worked at the moment, and try to make allowances.
But when you’ve been waiting 6 months for your Ct results it doesn’t help your mental health , and feeling anxious.
Feel a little helpless at the moment :x:


Oh no @Soo B! That's not good at all! No wonder you're upset. I would be too!! Honestly, I don't think these people have any idea how this feels for us on the receiving end! I do think this is an excessive amount of time to wait for scan results from September! I wonder if you called the PALS team and asked for their help and advice you might get somewhere?They are generally very helpful and it may be worth a try especially as you've got pain just now too? I hope you manage to get some there this week.Please let us know how things go if you can?

Sending lots of love and my very best wishes,

Karen 🌸🌻🌺🌼🌷


@Soo B
I’m so sorry this has happened - how frustrating and upsetting.
That is an awfully long time to be waiting for CT results. Do you have a clinical nurse specialist or contact for your consultants secretary - you should not be waiting like this.
Good luck chasing up.
Jane :x:


Oh @Soo B that is not ok at all!! What a rubbish way to cancel your appointment and whatever the reason it shouldn't happen this way. I would shake them up and make a fuss because this is too much time to wait for results. I hope you get some feedback soon, lots of love :x::x:

Stella 2020

I wonder @Soo B can your bowel specialist nurse at least tell your result over the phone. My is authorised to do this. At least that will help you a bit :x:

Soo B

Thanks Siona & Stella 2020 I have tried twice before Christmas to get the results, but both time was told by the nurses because my consultant requested the scan he would be the one to discuss my results.
I tried Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday to ring his secretary, but again it just keeps ringing out and there’s no voicemail option . I’m at odds now on what to do next as the pain continues.