Stage 4 bowel cancer

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Hoarseness advice please

Hi little bit of advice Dave's voice has gone well not quite gone but very hoarse hasn't got sore throat or chest pains generally well just his voice, he has lung mets one on his medicinal node 5cm the rest fairly small right lower lobe 15mm and small one on the left lobe, last scan in November states every where else is clear and slow progression he's due another scan end of January he will probably be starting back on chemo, my question is does lung mets cause hoarseness or am I just worried about nothing anyone else had this experience thanks :x:


Hi @lindyloo,
Sorry to hear about Dave’s voice. I’m no medical expert but from experience, I also suffered with weakness of my voice and in my case it was believed to be caused by the progressing Mediastinal node near a voice connection (there is a FAR more complex and medical explanation but I wouldn’t know where to begin, lol). I wasn’t on chemo at that point so was started on Folfiri not long after the CT report and my voice did improve.

In addition, and in Dave’s case, it could be something as simple as laryngitis (or the likes)? But still, it’s worth a chat with his team about it and perhaps a CT will be on the cards if not already.:x::x:


@mem thanks for the advice much appreciated he's due a scan the 23rd of this month I might give oncologist or nurse ring tomorrow see who I can get hold of 1st :x::x:


Hi, I have lung mets but no hoarseness but have found was hoarse after my chemo and now if I talk a lot or on a night out if I get one! My hoarseness is related to my chemo as far as I understand , Patricia


Hi @pstack Dave's been off chemo for nearly 5 yrs he's probably going to go back on it within the next few weeks he's the same not suitable for any more surgery due to the position of his mets I'm hoping that it's just a blip but time will tell :x: