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Lung mets inoperable- any experience?


I'm hoping I can find some insight from this great group. I have remaining lung mets after my folfox chemo last year, I've stayed on Avastin (I'm in Ireland). My lung mets are not operable, lots of small ones so too many to get them all. My scan last week shows growth in my lung mets. I'm wondering what peoples experience of managing lung mets are? My liver mets disappeared after chemo. I'm KRAS and not immunotherapy suitable.

Thanks in advance for any help or options I should discuss with my onco next week.



Hi @pstack,

Sorry to hear you’ve had lung progression and sorry that I’m probably not going to be much help to you as I’m not really au fait with Kras chemo regimes.
I wonder (If you haven’t already that is) if it’s worth a discussion with your team re: Folfox (capox), folfoxfiri, just 5fu, lonsurf, and in addition, radiotherapy?

I have also attached a link for you to read if you haven’t already read it.

Hoping some knowledgeable KRAS peeps will be along soon to advise you better than I can.

Good luck for next week and if ok please keep us posted

Marie :x::x:


Thank you for your response, I expect to be going on a new chemo regime at some point but my Onco wants to delay as long as possible, I guess so I'm not using all my options too quickly. I see from your bio you've had lots of different lung treatments and I'll explore with my onco what might be possible. Trying to stay positive and keep options open. Patricia


Hi there @pstack @mem has gievn you some great advice. I haven't had lung mets but I am in Ireland and I know that you can get a second opinion from another centre or, as my GP encouraged, outside of Ireland. I have been referred for a second opinion at the Marsden in London and my oncologist and GP both said that if they recommended an approach or surgery that wasn't possible in Ireland, then the cross border initiative means that your treatment outside the state can be reimbursed by the Irish HSE. I dont know exactly how it all works but worth checking. I've seen people on the forum say that they were turned down for lung surgery as too many tumours, but others have had ablation and other things done even when a number of tumours present. good luck :x::x::x:


Simon Jordan at Royal Brompton and this guy
are the ones I have heard about who take on more daring surgeries or ablations. Ive no experience myself but worth asking other forum members! :x::x:


@louise28 thank you for that advice, wasn't sure where to get a second opinion as Ireland is pretty small! I'm with David Fennelly in St Vincent's and I find him very good in fairness.


Hi @pstack it's a tricky one. My GP said the same. Ireland is so small, better to try a foreign hospital! She suggested the Christie or Marsden and oncologist agreed. I am v happy with my team and treatment plans but I had to know that I was on the best path forward. Different surgeons etc have different views. In your case if the lung Mets are the only visible ones, intervention from a surgeon specialising in lungs could be good. :x::x:


Hi @pstack my husband was inoperable in 2020 with multiple lung nodules after folfiri but then received stereotactic radiation therapy in st Luke’s hospital Dublin


Hi @pstack sorry about my typing I rarely do but to continue after treatment he was Ned for six months unfortunately two nodules on right lung and one on left showed up on pet but thankfully was then operated
on right lung 9 weeks ago and is having surgery on left Wednesday hope this is helpful to u he is doing well so far tthank god


Thank you Therese, I will be starting chemo again in April/May to tackle the lung mets. They are v small and only barely grew since last year. Really hoping after next chemo Folfiri I think) I might get to a point I can have radio. Best wishes to your husband.