Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

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Richard Staff (Support and Information)

Ask the expert video Q&A: Regaining bowel control

Hello everyone,

As part of our Ask the Expert video series we spoke to Dr Jervoise Andreyev.

Jervoise is a Consultant Gastroenterologist at the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust. Jervoise answers some of your questions around regaining bowel control following treatment for bowel cancer.


An interesting and really useful video Q&A, I wish all this had been explained to me five years ago, however it is invaluable information for anyone recently diagnosed or being treated.


@Josianna What a fantastic video!! Just had my mind put at ease after watching it's not just me that's having issues with my bowel!! I now know how to explain the problem to my GP and I feel more confident about asking for treatment. Thank you Jo :x::x::x:


Wow,great video 3years today had my LAR operation and chemo for 6 months,stoma removed 17 months later, still struggling with toilet and neuropathy ,cancer team have fobbed me off with it will get better etc etc ,now I can word it properly and will calling in morning


Really useful video. 4 years on from Low Anterior Resection and stoma reversal, still having issues but now discharged from the hospital team.
Don’t think I had realised how normal it was to just get on with the day to day problems LARS causes and not think there might be some help out there. I feel I can now approach my GP and ask to try a few things.
Maybe I’ll get to a point where I don’t panic every time I’m asked out for a meal or in the evening when my symptoms are at their worst😊

Liz Blakelands

Hi and welcome to the forum which is here to help and support each other. So glad that you found the video helpful.

I had a low anterior resection 4 years ago and a reversal 3 years ago. When I saw the video I got my GP to prescribe Normacol for me because of urgency and constipation. 5 months on and it has been a game changer for me. Life is so much easier. Much less urgency and no problem with constipation. It was a telephone conversation with my GP, who had never heard of Normacol , but they read up on it and said ok if you want to try it. I think the problem is not many doctors know a lot about LARS and even the help from the colorectal nursing team while on surveillance is pretty limited in my experience.

Hope you fine something that works for you
All the best
Liz :x::x:


Thanks Liz. It was the discussion about Normacol that really interested me.
I tend to read other peoples posts and find them really informative, but I’m not great at posting on the forum myself!
Have kept away from Loperamide from the start because the GP felt I should see how things went with diet changes and she was a bit scathing about using medication. I must admit I was a bit clueless myself and just went along with what they suggested.
Four years on and feeling quite down about the psychological affects of LARS, I’m more inclined to do my own research and see what works - you’re right about not many doctors knowing a lot about it.