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Sincere thanks

I have delayed posting the sad news about my husband. He died peacefully at home just a month ago. We are so grateful for the time we had - as he was given a very poor prognosis when first diagnosed in October 2015.
I also want to say a huge thank you to the many members of this forum who have been so generous in sharing their support and advice over the past 6 years. With very best wishes to all.


So sorry to read about your lovely husband @Deemar sending lots of love and strength to you and your family :x::x:

Frances Styles

@Deemar, I know you were always there side by side with your husband, loving, caring and advocating for him, I hope this gives you some comfort as you cope with your devastating loss, love Frances :x::x::x:

Diane Marie

Sorry to read this. Sending love to you and your family :x::x:


I am so sorry to read about your husband passing @Deemar Please accept my sincere condolences to you and your family. Sending love and strength P :x::x::x:

Forum user

@Deemar I am so very sorry to hear your sad news of the passing of your lovely husband, as Frances said you were so very supportive of him, loving and caring. I am relieved to hear his passing was peaceful and at home. I am sending you my love and sincere condolences and I hope that you too have love and support for you now :x::x::x:


@Deemar, I am so sorry to hear your sad news. Sending lots of love and hugs :x::x::x:


Sending love to you at this sad time @Deemar Bless you and your family ❤️❤️


@Deemar so so sorry to read of the passing of your husband, sending you and your family lots of love and sincere condolences, take care john. :x::x::x::x:



I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your lovely husband. We joined the forum around the same time and I know what a wonderful supportive wife you have been. I'm thinking of you and all of your family and friends during this most difficult time. Sending much love and thank you for all the support you've given me over the years :x::x::x::x::x:

Lady GT

@Tiffany just beat me to it.
I don't come here often anymore but tonight I saw your news and have just spent a few minutes scrolling back through all your posts.
We were all here together, remember those days sitting around @Bluebell 's table drinking tea? Dark and troubled times for all of us and yet, out of that darkness came amazing bonds and connections. You certainly supported me through some difficult times, and for that I thank you.
And I see tonight that, despite your own troubles, you have continued to support everybody in your usual way for the past few years.
You have been a true shining light @Deemar.
But now that light shines a little dimmer as you mourn your husband. What an amazing wife you have been, you will definitely have made his passing easier, I know that for a fact. It's who you are and what you do.

So now rest My Lovely.
Rest, mourn and grieve. Nobody has been stronger than you and you deserve a little time out.
And when you are ready (which may not be for a long time), spark up that light again and continue to spread the comfort and happiness that is in your nature.

Sending you the warmest and gentlest of hugs.


El Ivan

I’m so sorry to read your news @Deemar. My thoughts are with you all at this awful time. RIP. 😔 :x::x:


@Deemar so sorry to hear your news and sending love to you and all your family. 💓💓🙏🙏💓💓

Polly 1

I am so very sorry @ Deemar :x::x:

Lee W

So sorry @Deemar , my thoughts are with you and your family :x::x:

Liz Blakelands

@Deemar So very sorry, sending love to you and all your family :x::x:


@Deemar so sorry to hear this. You and Yr hubby are so brave
All my love


So very sorry for your loss @Deemar. My thought's are with you and your family :x:


Dear @Lady GT Many thanks for your message - as ever your words are so eloquent. I do indeed remember clearly those early days at the virtual table. The support from those around it was amazing. I feel so very humbled by your thoughts. Wishing you and his lordship the very best.


Dear @Tiffany Many thanks for all your kindness. I know you continue to offer support here - even though you have much to contend with yourself. Hoping Mike will make further progress with his recovery. All best wishes.


Many thanks to all those who have posted such kind messages. Thinking of you and all your loved ones and wishing everyone a peaceful 2022.