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Husbands stage 4 signet ring colon cancer

Husband is 68 had colon cancer 4 years ago treated with surgery and chemo all annual scans and bloods clear last done April 2021
By September2021 the cancer had blocked his small bowels found during an emergency operation eventually performed in November They also discovered a tumour in his sigmoid colon .
He has be told it is stage 4 and without chemo he only has a few months
We saw oncologist 22nd December who gave us a plan of another scan on 11th Jan 2022 meeting on 14th and chemo 18th.
This has not happened we don't know why his chemo won't start until 3rd Feb now
I'm so worried as told it is fast growing as 5months from clearApril scan to Sept blocked bowels shows
He is still not opening his bowels fully now since op. Im concerned his bowels will block again, last time he vomited faeses before anything was done. and we have been told a blockage is what will ultimately kill him
We have another meeting with oncologist on 18th Jan the day we had expected chemo to start
The 3rd Feb is another 2 weeks not sure he will be OK until then in pain now
Has anyone else experienced such a fast growing tumours or this type of cancer
We have got some CBD oil 40% to try as it is said to shrink tumours but some research suggests it can encourage growth but willing to try anything
He has also been told to have a low residue diet


Good morning @supportwife, a very warm welcome to the forum although I am sorry to hear about your husband - what a worrying time for you both.

I think the first issue is that you deserve an explanation as to why things are being delayed by a few weeks and I think one of you could ring his colorectal nurse specialist on Monday morning to find out why this is happening. It will also be an opportunity to share how concerned you are about his bowel blocking again. Alternatively you could wait until the Oncology appointment. Is it a face to face appointment and will you be able to be there with a list of questions? If it is a phone appointment you could put your husband’s phone on speaker phone so that you can be involved.

In relation to the CBD oil, - this is a minefield. CBD oil is legal in the UK, sold as a food supplement and is commonly used to try to alleviate some side effects. Other Cannabis products such as Cannabis oil are not legal in the UK, but are the ones where there has been some inconclusive evidence that they can both kill and encourage tumour cell growth. I have included two links below that go into more detail, but just so you know we cannot support discussions of illegal treatments and/or that are alternatives to conventional ones!

The important thing here though is that your husband shouldn’t take any kind of supplement, including CBD oil without the blessing of his medical team as some may make things worse.

I totally understand why you are worrying but even with fast growing tumours a few weeks is unlikely to make any difference.

Please stay in touch and let us know how you get on, Kim :x::x: