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Ali B


I have recently been diagnosed with stage 2 bowel cancer. I have a 21 day cycle of medication and am on my second cycle currently. I have extra pills for sickness and for diaorrea. I thought I could get it all under control but I can't. I have constant nausea but am not actually sick and diaorrea on and off.
Is this the norm?


Hi @Ali B, a very warm welcome to the forum although I am obviously sorry to hear of your diagnosis.

You should be able to get the nausea and diarrhoea under more control. Assuming you are taking your anti nausea tablets as advised, ie as a preventative rather than once it has started, you probably need different medication. It is very common for a bit of trial and error to be needed as we are all so different.

You may need to increase your loperamide, if you are taking it for the diarrhoea and keeping a side effects diary can be helpful as many people find they are prone to diarrhoea on certain days of the cycle.

I would definitely have a chat either with the 24h chemo helpline or if you have a clinic or nurse assessment appointment soon, with them.

I know it feels like an uphill struggle but often it is about tweaking or changing medication. Please let us know how you get on, Kim :x::x:

Liz Blakelands

Hi @Ali B welcome to the forum but very sorry about your diagnosis. This is a really good place for getting answers. I can't add anything to what @Lirio345 has said but just wanted to welcome you.

Hope you get things sorted out and feel better soon. :x::x:


Welcome @Ali B
Sorry that you are having difficult side effects.
As said by Kim , definitely contact your team as they will help you get on top of this.
Best wishes
Jane :x::x:


Hi @Ali B sorry to hear of your diagnosis.I had various issues when on my meds & as @Lirio345 has said it is all about picking up that phone & chatting to the relevant people to get the meds corrected.
I rang at all times of the day & early morning & they got my meds corrected & solved the majority of my issues.
Take care

Mark McC

Hi @Ali B

Sorry to hear your diagnosis and struggles with the meds, it’s an ongoing battle to get the sickness and loperamide doses just right unfortunately. Whilst I was on chemo I kept a daily diary of how I was reacting physically and how much of what I took so the team could adjust recommended dosages of the preventative meds next time round.

Hope the side effects calm down for you, take care.