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Research Opportunities (Bowel Cancer UK)

Research study aimed at identifying ways to improve the management of diabetes during cancer treatments

Researchers at Leeds Beckett University are looking for people with personal experience of diabetes (type-1 or type 2) and cancer treatment to join a research advisory group for a project exploring diabetes management during cancer treatment.

Almost half of people living with diabetes will also develop cancer in their lifetime. Cancer and its treatment can negatively affect diabetes-management in many ways, and patients and health care professionals can struggle to manage diabetes during cancer treatments. Improved diabetes management could reduce the risk of complications during cancer treatment, reduce the future risk of diabetic complications, and improve cancer outcomes and survival.

Through interviews with people with cancer and diabetes and healthcare professionals, this research aims to: 1) examine the challenges patients and healthcare professionals face in managing diabetes during cancer treatments
and 2) identify ways to help patients and healthcare professionals better manage diabetes during cancer treatments.

The research team are looking for people with personal experience of diabetes and cancer treatment to join the research advisory group (RAG). As a member of the group, you will be contacted throughout different stages of the research to invite your thoughts and feedback.

This could involve, for example, suggesting important topics for to discuss in the study interviews; reading quotes from the interviews with health care professionals and patients and offering your thoughts and interpretations; helping to develop ‘themes’ of the key issues raised in the interviews; or contributing towards reports of the study findings.

There is no expectation for all advisory group members to get involved in all stages of the work, only if you want to - so feel free to get involved as much or as little as you wish. You can choose how you’d prefer to provide feedback (e.g. telephone, Zoom, email). You will receive payment for your time (£25 an hour).

If you are interested in joining the research advisory group, or would like more information, please contact:

Mollie Price, Research Assistant
Telephone: 0113 812 8969
Work mobile: 07541 365 856