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Stoma Reversal- Going Private

Hi All
Some of you might find the following information interesting?
Two weeks ago today I had my stoma reversed or as otherwise known Loop Ileostomy closure to give it the posh title . Towards the end of 2021 and in the new year I was getting completely frustrated with my stoma and as I had already undergone the enema check in November which confirmed all was ok I decided to find out the cost of going private.
The other reason for this was that I knew the surgeon who performed my original LAR and temporary stoma worked at the private hospital I was contacting. My surgeon was brilliant and even though he was down to complete my reversal via the NHS I just wanted to make sure that I got him and to be quite frank about it I didn’t want to wait any more. Literally from two weeks being in contact I was booked in for the procedure as I didn’t need a consultation.
So down to the nitty gritty the private hospital in question was the BMI Bury St Edmunds and fixed cost of the procedure was a fraction under £2400. To be honest the BMI had this down as a day procedure! But my surgeon said I would be in for 2 to 3 nights and that said I was in for 2. I will no doubt get an invoice for these two nights and when I do I will post it on here so there is an overall picture of the cost.
So for me it was money well spent but I also appreciate not everyone has that sort of money available to get an operation done privately however I thought for those people considering the private route at least you will get a feel for the cost. I guess I am also fortunate that I am in good health I do not have any other ailments as not sure I would have gone privately if I did.
Just for reference I did have a consultation prior it would have cost £200.
I hope the info is of use ?
Cheers to all


Thank you Paul. Really useful information.


Hi @Cyclo64,

Great to hear you've had your reversal and that all has gone well! I'm sure the information you've provided for others will be helpful for anyone considering this via the private route too.

I wish you well with your ongoing recovery p.

Lots of love,

Karen 🌸🌼🌺🌻🌷


Wishing you well with recovery- boy that’s a good price. I asked my surgeon as he also does them privately and was quoted around the 5k mark(depending on how long you are in for) but he told me to wait as I was first on his nhs list.. and true enough 1 month later I was given a date- my year anniversary is in April.. all the best :x: @Cyclo64


Thanks all for the feedback it’s greatly appreciated 👍😊


That's amazing - I have just been quoted £12000 (yes, that is twelve) at Circle Healthcare, at The Park Nottingham, who are part of BMI I believe.


Apart from an initial sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy all of my treatment has been private. I was very fortunate in that due to Covid BUPA covered me for a central London clinic which was outside my original policy (I’ve subsequently upgraded to include the central London hospitals). Looking at the invoices it does get very expensive, the most expensive part is the hospital room. I was in for six nights for the original surgery and then four nights for the reversal, the per night cost was £1200. The consultants charge for the initial surgery was about £2000 and there was a second specialist robot surgeon involved as well. The reversal surgery was about £500 and each consultation is about £350. Seeing the biofeedback nurse is a similar amount. Scans are expensive too, the MRI enema scan was £1350. Even with the reduction in my no claims bonus I can’t see BUPA making any money from my policy for years to come!


Hello @Cyclo64. I know this is an old post, but my dad is having REAL trouble getting private surgery for his stoma reversal.
He will be one year post initial surgery in October and NHS have said there's no chance of an appointment until at least November this year.
I get married in August and he really wants the op and be on the road to recovery/ able to have a day out by then.
We are in Kings Lynn, Norfolk and initially he had a an appointment at Spire Centre Norfolk and Norwich and after paying the £250 consult fee, he was then told they didn't do the surgery there anymore...
Nowhere else is getting back to him apart from Bury St Edmands who have given him a provisional date for the surgery of 1st July,bur can't give him a cost yet. He's just had a phone call from someone else at the hospital saying they now can't go ahead as they don't do the surgery there... The surgeons secretary has said she will try and get to the bottom of it as she's sure they do the surgery...
We were just wondering what your final price for your reversal surgery including consults, tests and the stay etc are, just so we have a rough idea for when they HOPEFULLY can do his surgery.
Thanks so much and I hope your recovery went/is going well?


@hollandgirl4, I had my reversal a year after surgery but it can take a while to settle down but everyone is different. If I was your Dad I would wait until after your wedding. At least then he will be able to know that he can enjoy your wedding without any hiccups. :x::x::x:


My husband had been exploring private options after waiting quite some time. Do any of your local hospitals have a private wing? Ours does so he spoke to them. It took a bit of chasing but he got a quote also 2 others it was coming in around £6000 and that it would be 6-8 weeks so unlikely he would get ot done before the wedding. Also readjustment is tough and it may be several weeks if not longer before he may comfortable spending several hours outside the house.
The week my husband was going to book he had a call to say there was a cancellation the following week so he had surgery


Hi @hollandgirl4 really sorry for the delay in getting back to you as have not been on the forum for a while and I hope you had some feedback from the BM! at Bury ?
My final cost was the above so it cost me around the £2500. My surgeon was Mr Neil Keeling who performed my original ileostomy and he was brilliant so did not need a consultation as he knew me. I am pretty certain BMI stuffed up as they had me down for day surgery........! - Like yeah right and in the end I was in for two nights but I did not get a bill for those nights but even if I did I still think the whole with those nights if charged would have been under £5K. ( I also got a follow up with that )
I don't think the Admin side of the BMI is that great and when I first went with them I had all sorts of random quotes from £1K - Lol to £3K . The reason I went for the BMI bury as my surgeon is a consultant there so wanted him to do the op and I have not regretted it at all.
Post op I have a few dramas with Wind but I blame the dogs :D:D:D;)


Hi @hollandgirl4 I forgot to add Mr Keeling at the follow up told me he was seeing more private patients with the reversal due the the NHS waiting list as he spent most of his time at Bury Hospital working through the cancer back log. My surgery was about an hour I went down about 4.45pm and came around at 6.30 pm .
Not sure who was the the surgeon they recommended ??
Good luck and let me know how you got on Cheers Paul