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Polly 1

Galleri trial - cancer screening

I accepted an invitation to join the NHS Galleri trial today

It is for people who havnt been diagnosed with cancer and they take 3 blood samples over 2 years.The trial is looking into the use of a new blood test to see if it can help the NHS to detect cancer early when used alongside existing cancer screening.

There are random test and control groups in the trial which looks at the DNA in the blood to see if any of it comes from cancer cells. They hope to detect more than 50 different types of cancer including bowel and cancers for which there are currently no screening programmes.

C also got an invite but obviously having struggled with bowel cancer over 9 years wasn't eligible. I know it's silly but I hate needles and this morning I had to firmly close my eyes but I did it to help. 

Wouldn't it be fantastic if in the future there was a single blood test that the NHS could use as a screening tool for so many cancers?


I was invited as well @Polly 1, but obviously had to turn it down ☹️. It is a very exciting research project though! Kim :x::x:

Liz Blakelands

@Polly 1 Thank you for helping, I think I saw an article about this trial in a national paper. If it produces results it will be an absolute game changer for early diagnosis.

I never look at the needle either. :x::x: