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Is there a set timing for checks after initial treatment?

Hi everyone,
The question is really like “how long is piece of string”.
The reason for asking is that since my operation I have had 3 blood tests and a colonoscopy.
I understand that blood tests are 6 monthly rather than annual but I would have a colonoscopy one year,CTI the following year, then colonoscopy for 5 years.
I had the colonoscopy in November, bloods a couple of days ago and now they are asking me to go for a CTI in May 6months after the Colonoscopy which was fine as have all the blood tests.
It isn’t a problem and doesn’t worry me , anything that helps and relying on the team’s medical experience.
It just seems more tests than initially planned. Currently I believe I am NED after being T1N0M0 prior to my resection operation.
Has this happened to others?

Mark McC

Hi @Leaguefan

Can only speak for myself. Had my resection March 2021, had bloods and Ct last month and have colonoscopy this coming week. After that I was told it’s bloods 6 monthly, another 2 years for colonoscopy and CT again next year, but I think it can vary by person.



Hi all
Embarrassment time :(
I was looking through documents and came across a letter from the colonoscopy nurses who explained my course of treatment in great detail OOOPS!!!
Perhaps I should read and understand more rather than forgetting the letter even arrived :(
Ah well, the positive side is I now know what is going for the next several years and the timings.
Sorry for wasting peoples time reading a post that shouldn't have been written in the first place!

Kindest regards

Keith aka Leaguefan

Liz Blakelands

@Leaguefan We have all been there, you get a mass of paper and you are so busy dealing with all the other things, the paper goes in a pile and you just forget about it.
No worries :x::x: