Moving on from bowel cancer

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Dreading my first scan

Morning all, find myself almost in tears as I'm sitting here writing this, absolutely terrified what scan could show, not been feeling great for a while, back and forward to GP, bowel issues, bladder issues, various lumps and bumps, have lost the best part of a stone in last 3 weeks, you all know only to well how it is, everything just building up to a head, trying to stay strong for those around me and trying to stay normal( if there is such a thing) lost my first grandson during chemo last year, baby Harry, we had a new grandson 2 months ago ,fynn, and another one due this week, want to be a grandad and do the things a grandad does but am frightened about starting the journey again
Hugs to all that need one

Liz Blakelands

@IainJ53 Hi I'm so sorry that you are so anxious about the scan. You don't say whether it is a surveillance scan or one that the GP has asked for. However I think once you have had bowel cancer you are never complacent about your health again and in fact tend to imagine the worse with every twinge and can easily get into a vicious downwards, circle.

You have been through such a lot with your own health and then the loss of a grandson is so very tragic, so unfair. It is no wonder that as you start to plan for the future you get anxious. I do think it might be a good idea to speak to your GP about your anxiety. None of us know the future, so really try to stay in the moment and don't let your mind go to the awful what if. Stay in the moment. It is really hard by it becomes easier.

Hope all is well with the scan and next grandchild is a bonnie wee one.
Take care
Liz :x::x: