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Scan time and anxiety

Well , 6 months almost gone , Willie has scan next week to show how situation wait and see is right. On 19th of May will be a year form second liver resection and 3, 5 year from diagnosis . Oncologist decided wait and see how Willie can deal with monster and not to give any chemo expecially he had over a year after first one only with 4 rounds of chemo . Adding all this time together he had no chemo since December 2019 and he had one liver resection since then . We have hopes because our freedom allowed us for many things . Blood test done and waiting for results with big hesitation as well . Please keep fingers crossed......I will update soon because we are going to meet our oncologist on 19th as well . Love and hugs ::x::::x::::x::::x::::x::


Hi @kas52

I hope all goes well with willies scan and it brings good news. It's always an anxious time isn't it? I have one very soon too.

Sending g lots of love to you both,

Karen 🌸🌼🌺🌻🌷

Joshua A

Hope everything goes well with willies scan. Fingers and toes both crossed for you xoxo
Wising you both the best!