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PET scan clear but still uncertainty?

I am delighted to say that my recent PET scan is clear, but a small liver lesion (seen on CT and MRI) will still need investigation. My CEA is slightly raised too. This process is such a rollercoaster. My oncologist says the case will go to an MDT meeting next week but there is no urgency. Not sure what to feel now after the initial elation that my PET scan did not “light up” as they say.


I'm sorry that you've got this worry @colourmesurprised. The thing is that any one issue doesn't necessarily point to anything serious but collectively, they give a much better idea. This is why the MDT will meet to discuss and come up with a plan for you going forward. I was always told that no matter what my CEA, scans and symptoms show, they be never really know for sure until they operate and see for themselves. Let's wait for the MDT outcome and go from there? It's really hard I know as I had a number of scans and investigations last year which concluded there were no issues of concern! Keep busy, busy, busy until you hear more. It's great that they are being so vigilant too!

Sending lots of love amd please let us know how things go if you can?

Karen 🌺🌼🌸🌻🌷


Hi @colourmesurprised
I am sorry that you have this ongoing uncertainty but I hope its a positive outcome for you from the MDT.
I agree that your team are being very thorough, despite the difficulty that comes with waiting for results.
Take care , Jane :x::x:


Thank you @Baxter2 and @Jane39, I agree that they are indeed being very thorough and I am grateful for that. I’m pleased with the PET result and will have to be patient now regarding what comes next.