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Painful and tender lymph nodes?

So to recap my journey, diagnosed stage 3 in Sept 2021, LAR surgery/temp stoma November 2021, some lymph node involvement (2 out of 13) so mop up chemo (Capox) Jan to Apr 2022.
However, I have had pretty constant pain and tenderness in my pectoral area, what feels like swollen lymph nodes. I recall this from way back in November and have mentioned it to a few clinicians but no real answer.
Should I be concerned and does this warrant further questions, perhaps back to my GP? I haven't got any dates for post surgery/chemo scans and next colorectal nurse appointment is at the end of July.


I'm my humble opinion, this does need clarifying @slimtater. I've just had left underarm lymph nodes investigated by a breast surgeon and found to be absolutely nothing to worry about. Likely to be connected to having four covid jags in that arm and one just before my routine Ct scan. It did out my mind at ease though. Maybe make a pint krpf raising with consultant at next appointment. Is there a way to contact them? Perhaps via secretary or CNS? Certainly, the GP is another route worth considering too as you mentioned.

Good luck and keep us posted if you can?

Lots of love,

Karen 🌺🌼🌸🌻🌷