Moving on from bowel cancer

You can find lots of useful information about life beyond bowel cancer on our website, including our Living well booklet.


Just over 1 year on …..

I can almost forget some days that I have/had bowel cancer still don’t really know what the correct terminology is 😂 I know NED hadn’t been mentioned . I’ve got my second follow up tomorrow with my bowel team , and a surveillance colonoscopy next week ( should of been in March but only just had the appointment through) I’ve been having blood tests every 3 months . These highlighted anaemia so was given a couple of transfusions . I was still having poop problems ( constipation) so was referred to the pelvic floor clinic ( I call them the poo clinic ) they have been a great help and I’m hopeful that my functioning problem rather than diet won’t be such a problem going forward .
So all in all I’m feeling quite positive . I hope everyone else is having positive experiences :x::x:


hI @dawnramsayrae Good to hear you are feeling positive, hope all goes well with the follow up tomorrow & the surveillance colonoscopy next week.
Just waiting for my surveillance colonoscopy date as due next month as that will be my 1 year on from my diagnosis.
All good with me at the mo to.
Take care

Liz Blakelands

Hi @dawnramsayrae good luck with the colonoscopy next week and really glad that you are feeling so positive.
All the very best
Liz :x::x: