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started the journey62

Stoma Bag Security & Leakage

Hello everyone. Haven't posted on here for a while. I had my beyond TME operation Sept 20 which was a success. It did leave me with a permanent (colostomy) stoma, which doesnt bother me at all now. Been having regular scans and blood tests and all ok so far!

My main reason for posting is to share a tip for stoma pouch care that I adopt. The convex pouches really work well for me along with the use of lubricating deoderant. Also I use microporous tape. If I'm out and about for a while or out for a meal I tear off about 8 pieces of tape and place it around the seal to overlap on to the skin. I have found it really effective against leakage and provides extra security for me. I have even swam in the sea and it remains intact. The one I use is- Amzhealth Microporous Tape 2.5 cm :x: 10 m, Pack of 12 on Amazon. I am not in anyway linked to this. I'm sure there are lots of brand options. Best wishes to all.


Hi @started the journey62

Thanks for sharing g your stoma tip which I'm sure will be really useful to others in here! I've never had a stoma so can't comment but I'm sure others will be along who will be familiar.

Sending lots of love and thanks for posting this!

Karen 🌻🌸🌼🌺🌷