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I'm a newbie & a strange new symptom

Hi guys I've recently diagnosed with bowel cancer and have my op in a few weeks. I've noticed for the past couple of days I feel nauseous eating my evening meal and it lingers, also feel very full. The foods aren't any different to those I usually eat or bigger quantities. Any thoughts? Thank you

Liz Blakelands

Hi @swruk and a very warm welcome to the forum which I hope you find supportive and informative. So sorry about your diagnosis which must have been devastating and I suspect you are still reeling and in shock from it. I remember my feelings of total disbelief that this was happening to me. You haven't said what part of the bowel your tumour is in but lots of people have no symptoms at all even after being diagnosed. For myself if I am worried or upset then it does affect my eating. Do you think that this could be what is happening to you? Obviously I am not medically trained and you should contact your team who have the details of your diagnosis. Have you go a contact number for the colorectal nursing team as you should be able to contact them?

Try to eat well and take exercise before your op, the healthier you are before the op the faster your recovery. Be nice to yourself, do things that you really enjoy.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on. Big hug, Liz :x::x:


Hi Liz thank you so much for welcoming me here. There's such a lot of support from each other, it makes a huge difference.

The tumour is in the hepatic flexure and I'll be having a right side hemi colectomy. My symptoms are mainly loose stools/urgency, bloating and fatigue for a couple of years. But it was put down to having a gastric bypass several years ago - the stools bit, and menopause causing fatigue. I thought at some point I had chronic fatigue and paced my activities so I could do them. Cancer did cross my mind, but only out if desperation to be honest, but didn't dream it really was.

Good idea re asking the nurse specialist team.

I'd take myself off for a spa weekend pamper before my op, but money is tight, so I'll pamper at home.

I'm trying to lose some weight pre op if I can too & up the exercise ante.

Thanks so much Liz once again. Big hugs & hope you are well :x::x: