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Looking for advice

Hi all

My mum (late 60’s) had emergency surgery almost 5 weeks ago after attending A&E with stomach pain. Lots of blood tests and a CT scan which showed a total blockage in her bowel.
Only 1 day of symptoms! Surgeon told us he was pleased with how the surgery went but they needed to fit a temporary colostomy. Visually everything else looked ok but said they needed to check lymph nodes.
Mum has recovered amazingly well from surgery and adapting well to the stoma.
She was told that histology results could take up to 4 weeks.
Just feel that we’re in limbo at the moment and don’t know what the next step is. She had a letter yesterday from her GP surgery asking her to make an appointment for a blood test and the next available appointment is not for another week and a half. Not sure what this is for and is this will delay and other test results.
I guess I’m wondering what the next steps are and what these blood tests are for. My mum doesn’t want to pressure them too much as can see the NHS is under extreme pressure but I can’t help think that weeks are passing and nobody has actually given a definitive diagnosis.
Thanks in advance


Hi @dobby123, a very warm welcome to the forum although I am very sorry to hear of your mum’s diagnosis.

It is great to hear that she is recovering well from surgery and is coping with the temporary stoma.

In terms of next steps when the biopsy results are available, and depending what they show, your mum may be offered chemotherapy. This typically starts approximately 8 weeks after surgery. The biopsies will also confirm the diagnosis and stage of bowel cancer, - assuming that is what it was blocking your mum’s bowel.

Your mum should have been given the name of a nurse specialist at the hospital and s/he could be contacted to ask about the next steps. The NHS is under pressure but it is still functioning well most of the time and your mum is not putting unnecessary pressure on anyone, - she deserves to understand what is happening.

Your GP’s request for blood tests needs I think to be clarified with the surgery, as they really could be for anything.

This is not so much a time of limbo but more a time for your mum to concentrate on recovery from major surgery, to eat as well as possible and to gently exercise, whilst waiting for the pathology and details of the next stage.

The waiting is the worst part, but please take care and stay in touch, Kim :x::x:


Thanks for your reply!

You’ve put this waiting time in such a good way, focus on recovery so that she’s in a strong position with whatever is coming our way next!


@dobby123 sorry to hear about your Mum but glad she has the op behind her. As @Lirio345 says best that your Mum focuses on her operation recovery which sounds as though it is going well. My results were 2 weeks after my op but I guess all hospitals are different. I didn’t have a stoma but understand from others it can be reversed after chemo ( if chemo is needed). I had 47 lymph nodes taken out at the time of my op and although cancer hadn’t spread to these, I had 4 cycles of chemo as a ‘belt and braces’ precaution and finished my treatment early January this year, now getting back to a ‘normal’ life whatever that is these days. Hopefully your Mum won’t have the worry of work and it’s great that you are around to support her. Hope she gets on OK.

Ali :x::x:


Thanks for your reply @Ali
We’re still waiting for result but she has a blood test later on this week and did have a CT scan at the end of last week.
Not sure why this CT scan was arranged as she did have one as an inpatient before surgery. I’m assuming that something may be unclear on the first or as a follow up to surgery.