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Blood in output

Hi All, I haven’t posted for a while as life has been pretty good and we’ve tried to move on from cancer, but I do check in to the forum regularly. Today my husband told me that for the past couple of weeks he has noticed that there has seemed to be a reddish tinge to his output. He has had a permanent stoma since his operation in August 2018 with which he manages really well. He has been irrigating successfully 3/4 times a week since April 2019. This has sent me into a tailspin thinking that the cancer could be back! Has this happened to anyone else here? Any advice please :x::x:


Good morning @Elaine, what an incredibly difficult emotional rollercoaster we have to ride with a cancer diagnosis, - I really feel for you both. The right thing is to get it checked out as soon as possible and I would contact my CNS or GP. They can organise a FIT very quickly if appropriate to get the ball rolling.

Please let us know how Chris gets on and take very good care, Kim :x::x:

Mark McC

Hi @ElaineG

Fully understand that every thing post treatment will start the “it’s come back” thoughts.

Is it the skin around the stoma or actually the stoma itself? If it’s inside your stoma pouch or mixed amongst your stool I think the best thing to do in the first instance would be contact your Stoma Care Nurse if he hasn’t done so already.

Good luck.


Thank you @Lirio345 and @Mark McC. We rang our lovely nurse yesterday afternoon. She said she’d speak to Chris’s consultant who would most probably arrange a colonoscopy. I’m just hoping against hope that our worst fears are not true. Once again this forum helps me not to feel so alone ❤️❤️❤️


Colonoscopy done today ALL CLEAR 🙏 Such a relief. Thanks for all your concern ❤️❤️❤️


Fabulous news @ElaineG
Time to celebrate.
Best Wishes
Jane :x:


Thank you @Jane39 for your kind words. Chris has been a little tired today, there was a mix up with appointment times so we were asked to go in at 1.30 but he was not seen until 5pm. He was starving and thirsty and feeling quite weak by the time he went through. But at the end of the day it was a great result so can’t really complain 😁