Just diagnosed

If you've recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer, our website has lots of information to help you understand more and get the support you need.


I feel so alone

Just recently been diagnosed with colorectal cancer awaiting CT and MRI to see how bad it is and what treatment will be needed. I just feel so scared and alone, constantly googling which obviously doesn’t help.

Liz Blakelands

@claresummer Hi and a warm welcome to the forum, I'm really sorry for your diagnosis. Although it is over 4 years ago now I can remember how numb and shocked I was, then scared and anxious. How! Why! Please believe when I say that you are at the very worst time, waiting for scans and then the medical team deciding what is the best treatment for you. Once you have a treatment plan things get better as you feel you are back in control.

Please don't worry about 'feeding ' the tumour, it is an interloper which is going to be told it is not welcome very soon. It is important that you continue to eat well and exercise so that you are as fit as possible when your treatment starts.

Try to keep busy with things you enjoy,
Big hug
Liz :x::x:


Hi again @claresummer, what might help is to focus on getting your body prepared for treatment and/or surgery. So good healthy eating and exercise (walking is great) will both help. People recover from surgery much more quickly if they are fit before hand. Just to confirm btw that tumours do not grow because we eat …… take care, Kim :x::x:


Yeah I know it’s just the way my stupid brain is working at the moment 😢 thanks :x::x:


Thank you for you kind words and reassurance :x::x:


Hi @claresummer
Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but don’t think it’s the end of the world.
Thousands on this forum have been through the ordeal.
I was diagnosed 5 years ago and am now in “Strive 4 Five” hoping for discharge from the Marsden.
Your mind will be playing games with you and making it worse using Google.
Wait to see your results and you will then know how to deal with it better.
Please keep as fit as possible walking is excellent exercise.
You will deal with it I know you will, think positive and comeback on this forum for advice it helped me enormously over the last five years.
Have a glass of wine or a gin and tonic when you want it won’t do any harm.
God bless


Don’t google @claresummer is the first thing! It’s all terribly out of date so not relevant mainly. This is the absolute worst time. Fear of the unknown. Don’t worry it WILL get better. Once you get your treatment plan after CT / MRI you will be on a path to deal with the actual problem. You will have a team dealing with your treatment specifically. Things hopefully will move quickly. Try to keep busy and good luck for the next step to getting this thing treated cxxx Annie 💕


Hi Clare sorry to hear your news. I can’t add to the above - I would just reiterate don’t Google - but this is an incredibly supportive (and knowledgeable) group to help you. Thinking of you :x::x:


I just can’t believe this is happening 😢 I shouldn’t be talking about treatment plans!!! 🙈😢 such a shock.
Sorry I probably sound very dramatic I just don’t want this 😢 I know nobody does it’s just really a really horrible illness that I didn’t think for one second I would have it 😢


Hey @claresummer two years ago I was exactly where you are now. I googled as I’m the sort of person who needs to know everything I came on here shocked, stunned and and scared for my future. I got the same lovely warm welcomes that you have. I stopped googling as everything you need to know is here. All the leaflets and stories really helped. Just reaching out like you have really does help to calm your fears. Ask any questions you have, as there will always be someone who can answer. The waiting really is the worst because your mind goes into overdrive. But once you have your plan you can start to take control and focus on your treatment. Be kind to yourself. You’re stronger than you think you are. I’ve just reached my two year anniversary of being cancer free but I still pop in on here to keep up with how everyone is doing. That’s because there are some amazing men and women on here who are ready to share, reassure, but also have a bit of a giggle with. All the best :x::x:


Hi I got diagnosed on 12th April and having my op on 18th May so hopefully understand at least some of what you are going through. I have tried to take one day at a time, continued with exercise and thought a lot. For me it was good to know the facts but only from reputable sources such as bowel cancer uk. When you Google you get lots of outdated information and for me stuff I just didn’t understand. I would continue to check into this forum as does help. Take care :x::x::x:

Mark McC

Hi @claresummer

So sorry to hear your diagnosis. The waiting for results is definitely the worst, once you get them there’ll be a treatment plan and you’ll know what you’re dealing with. Be prepared with as many questions as possible about treatment, duration, side effects, diet, support services and so on. Try to keep busy doing things you enjoy while you’re waiting, keep physically active and avoid the googleverse.

Good luck.


Bless you I’m sure it will be fine. My mum had her second diagnosis last year and operated on in January. Most of her bowel taken away but made a full recovery at nearly 89. Back driving and eating pretty much any food without a problem. She is off on holiday to Spain in two weeks with my sister. You can do it too

Amanda Sandham

I totally agree with what other people have said-the waiting at the beginning of the process is the worst part. I also need to know everything and my brain made up the parts it had no information about so by the time I got the initial diagnosis and treatment plan, it was a relief. It's tough, you go through some real ups and downs, you get scared BUT you will have a team of experts looking out for your best interests at every stage. You will get excellent advice and support on this forum. You will spend more time talking about bums and poo than you would ever think possible, but you will progress through your treatment and come to accept the new you. Good luck for the future :x:


Hi @claresummer I was dx at 39 and I did what your doing googling, actually made myself ill, I binned clothes etc, I was in a bad place. Please try to stick to this forum or cruk, I promise googling makes your anxiety that you are likely to have from dx skyrocket. Please read my bio, I never expected to be in the position Im in. Remember thoughts aren't facts and until your told something your worries are only thoughts not facts. Sending huge hugs :x::x:


@claresummer Bless you I can imagine how you feel. The unknown can be worse than the reality. Take each day as it comes, once you have had your scans things move pretty fast. My 88 year old mother was diagnosed last year and she had her op this January. She had most of her bowel removed well right part and top and just left with the left part. She is back to pretty much normal now and taking a holiday in two weeks to Spain. You can do it try and keep busy each day until your full diagnosis. Take care


Hi I have read your bio but I just don’t understand any of it? I’m reading these bios and these are things I have never heard of 😢 nothing is making sense to me

foster mum

@claresummer , it is so confusing at the beginning isn’t it. It will make a lot more sense once you know exactly what the plan is for you. Once you have all the scans and the professionals have had the meeting, everything will be explained to you. I found google confused me even more! We are all different although we all have/had bowel cancer so what is planned for one of us isn’t the plan for another.Try and stay positive , easier send than done I know! Stay off google it does your head in!
Good luck, Vivien :x:


@claresummer No university gave Dr Google a degree. There is good stuff to be found, but it takes a trained eye to spot the dodgy from the gold. This is the worst part, in a way. Once the scans and everything are carried out and discussed your team will get you up to speed and things will feel better. Have they given you a number for a nursing team you can talk to? Give them a call. Maggies centres are also great for help and advice. Treat yourself to everything - feed yourself well. Its you that's getting the good out of the food, not that pest. @Rockford suggested a wee gin or a nice wine. I second that. Its tough right now, but I bet you are one tough dame when you need to be. All the best.


@claresummers I was scared like you and things weren't great, I was told at colonscopy I had a 6cm tumour and it didn't look good at all. My cancer was said to be locally advanced, I had my scans they went to mdt and a plan was made. I had chemo radio, a resection and more chemo, on the 30th May I will be 4 years from resection. I never ever thought Id be lucky thought to be able to say that, after my so my cancer wasnt genetic I was 39 and was just very very unlucky, so in my mind how was anything going to improve. Im thinking of you and virtually holding your hand, you can do this and we are all by your side :x::x:


Totally get your message- at beginning of diagnosis you hit that Google button-EVERY ONE DONT!!!
I did exactly that and you tend to do this when you are in those very dark and lonely places. A friend who works in cancer services told me they are not accurate and often info is not even up to date and often used to steer you to very bad sites but to use proper sites which is how I started to use this site- you are speaking to real people