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Follow up advice

Hi all, my husband was diagnosed with a stage 1 but grade 3 rectal tumour (clear margins also after biopsy) , he had TEMS surgery in which the surgeon was happy with apart from the grade…. From what I understand it is possible that different parts of the tumour could be between grades? He has been told standard procedure now is an MRI in august, what I’m concerned about is his last scan was December last year, surgery didn’t take place until Feb due to some Covid issues but apparently this is a normal time frame? I can’t help but be really nervous that this is such a long time frame 😣 any advice would be much appreciated (he’s 36 and we have a little boy so I’m an extremely anxious wife)


Hi @cw1988
I can understand your concerns for follow up.
The medical teams do have guidelines that they follow. Sorry I can’t be more helpful but I would suggest that you definitely talk through your concerns with husband’s colorectal nurse as they will have more specific information regarding your husband’s diagnosis and staging.

Take care
Jane :x:


Thank you Jane, apparently it’s standard procedure and it’s 6 months after surgery not from the first scans. :x::x: