Just diagnosed

If you've recently been diagnosed with bowel cancer, our website has lots of information to help you understand more and get the support you need.


Can it be wrong?

Doc said I had a large polyploid friable tumour. He took biopsies and now have to wait for results but he said it’s cancer. Could he be wrong?

Liz Blakelands

@claresummer I can remember asking the same question about an hour after I had had my diagnosis during a colonoscopy. But it is was my mind clutching at straws. For a doctor to tell someone that they have cancer, they know it is cancer. I'm sorry, really sorry but if the doctor said it was cancer it is. Sounds hard but false hope helps no-one.

Bowel cancer is treatable and the earlier it is found the better the outcomes. The time between diagnosis and treatment plan is really difficult but try to just take one day at a time. It is hard but as soon as you have the treatment plan things will get better.

Try to keep busy, do things you enjoy , stay strong
Liz :x::x:

Amanda Sandham

I was told during my initial colonoscopy that there was a tumour that looked cancerous. I asked if that was a definite and the doctor explained that although he needed biopsies to confirm the diagnosis, experience gave him a good idea about what he was looking at. On a positive note, it will be 2 years on 26th May since that day and I am now cancer free, stoma free and 90%back to full strength. Good luck with your treatment :x: