Moving on from bowel cancer

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No more MRIs for now ….

I have just had a call from the colorectal nurses - I am being dropped down to annual CT scans for monitoring - no more MRIs 😊 To be honest, I have had that many MRI scans that I now use them as time for meditation and I don’t mind them but it’s still good news that I don’t need as much monitoring 😊

It is over 5 years since my first diagnosis and nearly 2 years since the chemo for a couple of rogue lymph nodes ended … done the Strive for 5 - working on Strive for 10

Keep the faith Bowel Cancer Crew - it can be done :x::x::x:


This is so so good. You know how I feel about this anyway! :x::x::x::x::x::x:


Tagging my lovely buddy @strongsami too


I am delighted to read this @lulu70, thank you so much for sharing. Take very good care, Kim :x::x:


Wonderful to read your update.
Take care
Jane :x:


That really is fabulous news. Thank you for posting it on here. 💕


You story sounds similar to mine @lulu70 I'm 5 years post diagnosis and two years post chemo and op for recurrance. I've just had a CT and MRI, I'm hoping they do another six monthy check but I've been saying that for a while and I don't think I'll ever feel ready for yearly! I'm off to uni in Sept! :x: :x:


@1234annie - so good to hear from you! I know how you feel as I also worry that if they are not looking they might miss something ….

I am cautiously starting to make longer term plans whilst also being SO grateful to be still here. I am due to be a Granny for the first time in the next few days and I thought when I was first diagnosed that this was a day I would never see.

Good luck with your Uni course!


Sorry I am a bit late in replying, @lulu70 absolutely delighted to read your amazing news! And thanks to the lovely @louise28 for the tag. Rocky hugs to all xoxoxox


Thanks :x::x::x:

Mark McC

Great news :)

Liz Blakelands

@lulu70 Really good news, I like good news. All the very best :x::x: